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RIP, Steven Shaw (eGullet founder)

Steven, a co-founder of what many of us (esp in the NJ/NYC area) think of as the first food community, passed away suddenly yesterday. I thought I'd post the info on CH, as many of us "started" on eG before migrating over to CH.

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  1. I am so sorry to hear that. Thanks Curlz for letting us know.

        1. Steven Shaw's blog was what led me to Chowhound (before there was an egullet).

          1. And of course, Steven was on Chowhound before eGullet. I didn't realize he was so young. He was always a mensch in my dealings with him.

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              Didn't realize that; I stumbled on to eG close to ten years ago and it was the first food community I encountered. I was at a few group dinners with Fat Guy (C46 in Ridgefield NJ for Chinese New Year was the first, iirc) and ran in to him a couple of times at the Big Apple BBQ Block Party in subsequent years. He was always personable and his food knowledge was off the charts.

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                I remember reading his stuff back when he had The Fat Guy blog while still lawyering at a white shoe law firm.

                And at the time, around the late 1990s, I thought he was already in his 50s or so.

                But in reality, he was only in his mid to late 20s.

                RIP The Fat Guy

              2. There are quite a few of us still on CH who were around when Shaw et al started eG & who still participate in it and the other sites it "begat" over the years. This was very sad news….

                  1. Very Sad....I remember all the way back when Jim Leff and Steve Shaw had their battles....RIP

                    1. I did not know Steve personally. I know he was a founder of the egullet site and was very involved not only in that site, but of the web/food world as a whole.

                      I was a member and posted at egullet early on. This is a tragedy. A young man has died. He's left behind friends, family, and a wife and young son. My condolences and best wishes go out to everyone, specifically his wife and young son.

                      We should all send our best wishes and hope for the best for his wife and young son -- and keep them in our prayers.

                      This loss is about them.

                      1. I met him for one weekend when eGullet did a gathering in KC. We had our differences, but his passion for food was more than evident. Good guy and a real pioneer. RIP Fishpants.

                        1. I'm very sorry to hear this. He was a great guy and will be sorely missed.

                          1. Sad news indeed. Always so sad when a true pioneer passes especially when so young. The food world is a richer place thanks to pioneers like The Fat Guy.

                            Healthy debate is essential to a subject that raises passions like food and Steve helped build communities where this could take place.

                            I thank Steve for facilitating thus and will raise a glass or three to his memory.

                            1. Oh that's sad news. I haven't been on eGullet in a number of years but I learned quite a bit there and made wonderful friends.

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                                Yes, enjoyed the times on eGullet.

                                Sorry to see someone go so young. Condolences to his wife and family.

                              2. Oh what sad news! RIP Steven ("The Fat Guy") Shaw. Thank you for all your wonderful writing and posting. Here's a favourite discussion he inspired (if I may post a link here) that really got me thinking of my habits.


                                kinnikinnick (was run2eat on egullet).