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Apr 9, 2014 12:53 PM

Steven Shaw's death

I don't know the rules on CH but Steve Shaw, one of the famous four who founded eGullet died yesterday, he signed in as Fat Guy and he was, but Steve was one of the reason's I began active posting from Paris; he and the other founders of eG had a great model - get experts from each region or country to moderate and let the dogs loose.

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    1. Oh, this is a shock. In all things, Steve was always very kind to me. We seldom agreed, but we disagreed civilly.
      RIP indeed.

      1. I almost passed over this post but now that I read it I realize that I was following his adventures on making his son Bento meals on eGullet a few years ago. Learned a lot prior to our first trip to Japan from CH and his site.


        1. His death came as a shock to all of us who participate in any of the food boards that eG "begat". Very sad.

          1. John - sad news. Heart attack at only 44, and despite his online name I understand he was otherwise in good health. I enjoyed one or two debates with him - a true innovator - he will be missed.