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Apr 9, 2014 12:42 PM

Unsalted pistachios

Where to buy unsalted pistachios (shelled or unshelled) in San Francisco?

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  1. I don't live in San Francisco, but I get unsalted pistachios at Trader Joes all the time. Figure there must be one somewhere in your fair city.

    1. Rainbow has really nice shelled raw pistachios in bulk.

      1. There's a vendor at the Heart of the City farmer's market (Civic Center on Sundays) that has unsalted roasted pistachios. They sell from big bins of nuts.

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        1. re: gnomatic

          The vendor is Winters Fruit Tree and they are there on Wednesdays as well.

        2. Seems as if every supermarket has unsalted in the shell when I am looking for salted

          Safeway on King yesterday