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Apr 9, 2014 12:02 PM

Need to plan a very nice 25 person dinner in Miami

Will have about 25 people. Price is not a huge concern... looking for terrific food. South Beach or not a terribly long taxi ride is ideal. Any ideas? Thanks!

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  1. I hosted a dinner in a private room at the Capital Grille on Brickell in January and was very pleased.

    1. Hi I would inquire at Tongue & Cheek for South Beach. If going to Brickell - would do Edge Steak & Bar. They have a nice private dining space

      1. I would do the Dutch.

        1. On South Beach I'd consider the Dutch (patio is great for a big group), Tongue & Cheek (may be too big for their private room but they could probably still set you up), Estiatorio Milos (if price really is not a huge concern, as it can be very expensive; they've got a nice private room that could probably accommodate). It's not a huge place, but you might check with PB Steak too to see if they could fit your group.

          If you're willing to go back to the mainland, check on buying out the second room at Michael's Genuine. I'd also look into DB Bistro or Edge Steak in the Four Seasons.