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Apr 9, 2014 11:09 AM

ISO Troegs Nugget Nectar

I know this is seasonal and I probably missed the boat, but has anyone seen this beer on the shelves recently? Every place I have been is sold out. I happened to see it a week ago down the cape but didn't pick it up. Hoping that some liquor store may have some kicking around. Maybe a place that gets more Bud/Miller/Coors drinkers than craft beer drinkers?

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  1. you may want to post on the beer advocate forum. About a month ago it was everywhere. I think I may have seen some at Gordon's in waltham last week. Can't hurt to call over there.

    1. Supreme in Central might still have some

      1. My husband is a fan. He had it from the keg one evening at Row 34 and we bought some at Bauer Wine and Spirits on Newbury Street. You could call to see if they still have some.


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          I was just a Bauer and they are out of it.

          1. re: phatchris

            Vinnin in Swampscott still has it as well.

          2. I believe wholefoods in Cambridge still had some as of late last week.