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ISO Troegs Nugget Nectar

I know this is seasonal and I probably missed the boat, but has anyone seen this beer on the shelves recently? Every place I have been is sold out. I happened to see it a week ago down the cape but didn't pick it up. Hoping that some liquor store may have some kicking around. Maybe a place that gets more Bud/Miller/Coors drinkers than craft beer drinkers?

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  1. you may want to post on the beer advocate forum. About a month ago it was everywhere. I think I may have seen some at Gordon's in waltham last week. Can't hurt to call over there.

    1. Supreme in Central might still have some

      1. My husband is a fan. He had it from the keg one evening at Row 34 and we bought some at Bauer Wine and Spirits on Newbury Street. You could call to see if they still have some.


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          I was just a Bauer and they are out of it.

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            Vinnin in Swampscott still has it as well.

          2. I believe wholefoods in Cambridge still had some as of late last week.

            1. Albert's Market in East Cambridge had it tonight

              1. Blanchards in Allston had it as of last Friday.

                1. Thanks I'll check some of these places. Gordon's on Moody didn't have any a few days ago, but I did not check Main St.

                  I called about 5-6 stores near work and everyone was out. Also happened to be working in Salem NH today and stopped by McKinnon's. Never knew they had such a large beer selection. No Nugget Nectar however (no Troegs at all for that matter).

                  1. Craft Beer Cellar in Belmont had it in March. Not sure what the stock levels are like now.

                    1. You probably don't want it anymore. You might be able to find bottles of it here and there, but you should really be drinking hop-forward beers like that as quickly as possible. So even if you really like that beer, you might end up enjoying a different one that's a little fresher. I know Boston area bottle shops got 32 oz bottles of Lagunitas Sucks this week, maybe give that a try?

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                        A 32 of Sucks sounds pretty awesome.. How's the pricing?

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                            For a 32 oz bottle? What are you comparing it to? These days that's not even high for < 12 oz. (33 cl)

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                              Comparing it to the same beer in 6/12oz format.
                              I forget how much the 6 packs are, but somewhere around $11-13 maybe?

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                                I was thinking $5-6 would make sense, I was getting sixers for $11.

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                                  agree. the sixers were a great deal. probably too cheap for the quality of the beer. the 32 is more in line with other 32 oz but often those beers aren't found in sixers

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                                    I can't even think of another beer offered in a 32oz format.

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                            I do like Sucks as well and have been seeing 6 packs in several stores. By the way, a 6 was $9.99 at McKinnon's in Salem, NH. I think most of the local spots were $11-$12. I have not come across any bombers.

                            I agree that these hoppy beers are best as fresh as possible. If I remember correctly, Nugget Nectar comes out around February, so I think ~ 2 months would still be worth drinking. At this point it was more of a mission to find the beer than anything else. I just really enjoyed it the last couple of years. Even a couple of singles in a mixed 6pack would suffice.

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                              For those into hoppy beers, try the Stone Enjoy By April 20 that is around town now. Especially yummy from the tap.

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                                enjoy by is a fantastic beer. the 4/20 is better than the last one though the november version is still my favorite. I did a blind taste test recently between 4/20 and heady topper. Heady topper won with a little more balance but it was close.

                                1. re: cambridgeMike

                                  I did a blind test with fresh Sucks and month old Heady... I liked Sucks a bit more.

                                  1. re: phatchris

                                    Interesting. How fresh was the Sucks and did you come across it in Boston? Sucks is one of my favorite beers I can get semi-regularly around here (usually about a month out), but fresh Heady is probably the best hoppy beer I've ever tasted. I was dubious of the hype, but it's undeniable.

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                                      Sucks was 2 weeks old IIRC, and heady was probably 6 weeks. I love Heady as much as the next guy, but I don't go as crazy to find it as I once did. Too many other options that are pretty close IMO.

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                                  I find that huge bubblegum note upfront in Enjoy By really off-putting. I'm not saying it's a bad beer, just not the one for me, and definitely don't find it similar to Heady or Sucks which are more resinous and drier. Speaking of fresh "hoppy" beers, Trillium in Fort Point is pouring its Congress St IPA and Fort Point Pale Ale this weekend, both fantastic.

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                                    I personally love Larry from Wachusett, for a local well balanced DIPA.

                            2. They often have this stuff on tap at Porter's near the Garden. One of, if not the, best bar around there to tie one on during the day.

                              1. I just randomly came upon a six pack at Sav-More liquors in Medford on Mystic Valley Parkway about two hours ago. There was at least one more there. The beer guy told me a case was mislaid and found. The bottling date is 2/17/14. I am hoping it isn't too far past it's prime.

                                1. Here's an actual answer to your question: just saw some 6 packs of it at Reservoir Wines & Spirits.

                                  1. river st (cambridge) whole foods still had some yesterday

                                    1. I bought a 6 pack this weekend, and it was awful. I may return the other 5, which would be a first, although I'm not sure if it's the fault of the liquor store or just past it's prime.

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                                        What's the bottling date on it?

                                        1. re: CportJ

                                          Within the 6 pack I drank this year - the week it arrived in the area- there were a couple bottles that were awful (drank on separate nights, so it wasn't just a palate anomaly) and the rest were as good as I remember it to be in recent years (just ok). The bad ones tasted like stale hops were used.

                                          1. re: LStaff

                                            I hadn't returned yet and broke out the rest after reading your comment, and that appears to be the case with my 6 pack as well. The others were pretty good. But I don't think I'd buy again given the awful one.

                                        2. The Wine Emporium on Tremont still had a few bomber size bottles the other day, worth calling (they would hold 1-2 for you)

                                          As did Whole Foods Cambridge