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Apr 9, 2014 10:48 AM

Tomato Powder

I'm going to try and make my powdered soup mix, among other things. Does anyone know where to buy tomato powder in Dallas?

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  1. Is there a Penzey's in Dallas?
    I get my tomato powder from them. They keep it in back refrigerated.

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    1. re: Living4fun

      Thanks Living4fun. There is a Penzey's in Dallas and I called them this morning and they said they didn't carry it. I'll call them again.

      1. re: Living4fun

        Penzey's is located in the same shopping center as India Palace caddy corner across the parking lot from them at the S/W corner of Preston Road and LBJ I-365.

        1. re: twinwillow

          Yes, that is the one I called. Still no tomato powder.

      2. If you have a dehydrator you can make it at home. just dehydrated tomato and then grind it up.

        1. Don't know where to find it in Dallas, but I have seen it on Amazon.

          1. I don't live in Dallas [don't you just love this kind of reply!?] but I was rather addicted to an unbranded powdered tomato paste in Beijing from the restaurateurs market.

            Why should I comment, then?
            1) a quick google revealed a number of pretty good looking choices
            2) a quick youtube [isn't that a verb now?] also turned up a few solid looking ways to DIY.

            Don't give up your search!

            1. Williams-Sonoma has sun dried tomato flakes. Not powder, but might work.