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Apr 9, 2014 10:14 AM

Brisket- 1st & 2nd cut- marbled. Where to get?

So, this board had been extremely helpful, and now I need another rec. I'd like to purchase a 1st and 2nd cut brisket- on the fattier side. I've spoken to butchers at Fresh Market, Publix, Whole Foods. No Go! Do I have no choice but to go to Meating Place (overpriced) or Costco (not the biggest fan)? Are those my only options? Thanks, neighbors.

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  1. I'm curious about the responses you received. As I understand, you want a whole brisket (right?) containing both first and second cut. Do those stores not carry the fattier, second cut?

    I always thought that Costco had a good reputation for meat. I don't cook it much (except for things like pancetta to add to pasta sauces), so have no answer for you, but I do love a great brisket once or twice a year....!

    Probably expensive because they are kosher, but maybe try Glick's in Delray (??)
    I wonder, too, if there is an Asian (Vietnamese) store that would carry it since often used in pho.

    There is a Western Beef in Lake Worth, and probably others, too....maybe give them a call.

    On a somewhat related topic, I tried to find full-fat Greek-style yogurt last winter and could not..the only yogurts I saw in most stores were the low- or no-fat types. (When I need it next, will look in mid-Eastern markets)

    Sorry I am not more help.

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      I've purchased meat at Costco, and even though people swear by it, I thought the meat was not great. Not horrible, just not great. Thank you for the rec of Western Beef. We had one in NY that I've been to. I'll give it a whirl. As far as full fat yogurt- try Whole Foods or other similar markets. They sell it. If you can't get the Greek style, just buy regular full fat and allow the yogurt to drain overnight through cheesecloth, a sieve or even a coffee filter set over a bowl. You will achieve thick, creamy yogurt (plus the added benefit of probiotics).

    2. Western beef. Locations in West Boca and Pembroke Pines. They sell the whole "packer" briskets.

      1. You want a "Packer Cut" Brisket. They're not that easy to find here in South Florida as they're large and run 18 to 20 pounds. I buy mine from Martinez Distributors. They're IBP and of reasonably quality. We have a new "Neighborhood Wal-Mart Grocery Store" and surprisingly enough they carry the full "packer cut" of brisket (while Sam's and Super Wal-Mart do not).

        Meat prices have soared over the past week and you can expect to pay anywhere from $2.85 to $3.25 per pound right now for the full packer cut. Grocery stores sell the top cut (or the "flat") for much higher prices.

        Right now I sell 40 to 50 pounds of smoked brisket per weekend and the new prices are killing me as it's difficult to raise prices on anything these days.

        Ask for "Packer Cut".

        Ft. Pierce, FL

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        1. re: LargeLife

          Interesting data here for numbers geeks...

          Look at Prev Year Price .vs. Cur Week Price.


          These are wholesale numbers.

          There are two sections, Choice and Select.

          You can click the little "MAP" of the parts of the cow... and a graph of historical prices will pop up.

          1. re: CFByrne

            Yikes all over the grocery store! Grocery bills are up 15% or more from last year. I've found that item for item here, things are almost $1 more+. Seriously. That adds up at the checkout line, big time! Back to the brisket- I'm going to try Glicks. Not that I need it to be kosher, but Kosher butchers have a handle on the deckle... :) I'll report back

        2. You can a whole PRIME brisket (first and second cut) from Charlie's Meat Market in Palm Beach Gardens for I believe $4.79 per lb. Check out

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          1. re: Alfred G

            I would be interested to see a prime brisket as I've never seen one of that grade anywhere at any time as they're usually choice or select. I have purchased wagyu brisket for competitions and they're sensational.

            Ft. Pierce, FL

            1. re: LargeLife

              Normally I would agree with you since this cut of beef doesn't lend itself to prime. However, that is what they were advertising. So, I asked my wife to verify when she picked up our brisket today. The response was, "Certified Angus prime".

            2. re: Alfred G

              Wow I had never heard of Charlie's (somewhat ironically, he says).

              Prime boneless dry-aged NY Strips? Wow...

              Let me guess... hmmm... $35/lb maybe.

              Whole Foods has choice and they are about $25 IIRC.

              Maybe that's my birthday treat next week.

              1. re: CFByrne

                CF - I live in Boynton Beach and buy my meat from Charlie's. It's worth the trip. Quality is great. Price is excellent.

            3. I've never seen a whole packer at a Costco. However, having recently moved back to FL, I've found pretty good ones at Western Beef.

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              1. re: freshlycured

                Purchased 1st and 2nd cut at Glicks. I went in there thinking the place would be not the best. Very impressed. Clean, easy to navigate and every (kosher) cut imaginable. Every person working there was sooo nice and helpful. I'll let you know how the meat tasted next week. Just so you know, I spent $250 meat and other things. I guess their stuff was appealing to me....

                1. re: LETTUCEINLOVE

                  The Brisket from Glicks was fantastic... no joke. Seriously great. I actually saw a whole cryovak brisket at Josephs, but had already purchased mine.