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Apr 9, 2014 09:29 AM

Great pancakes in Brooklyn

I only indulge once or twice a year so I'd like to have some really great ones. Will go wherever public transportation goes. Thank you.

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  1. Lots of word of mouth on Tom's in Prospect Hts.
    I've only been there once and only had a standard egg special breakfast that was fine. At worst it is a good old school neighborhood diner. But like I said, word of mouth is strong.

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    1. Cafe Luluc on Smith Street in Cobble Hill. Take the F to Bergen St.

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      1. re: JennS

        Second Cafe Luluc, my absolute favorite pancake in NYC

        1. re: JennS

          Thirded. Ridiculously delicious.

        2. The pancakes are really good at Cheryl's Global Soul in Prospect Heights, they are famous for them. Tom's is truly not worth seeking out for the food -- it's a neighborhood tourist institution, people love it for the kitsch and the experience, but not for the food.

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            its been a long time since we've been to Toms but the pancakes were never special. Its interesting to see some recommendations - good pancakes are not all that common - unless you make your own.

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              Thanks for the clarification. I am local and I was sort of dragged there by, indeed, visiting tourists who'd read about Tom's. I'm not a pancake person and actually, neither were my visitors.

            2. I am a fan of the follow up so here goes. Went to Cafe Luluc this morning. World class pancakes! Worth every carb. Thanks everyone. The eggs florentine also out of this world. Not swimming in hollandaise all perfectly proportioned. My only regret, I didn't get a whole of pancakes for myself, we split x 3.

              1. Egg 109 North 3rd St. for the splurge.