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Apr 9, 2014 08:02 AM

UES Ramen with kids

I want to take my grandsons (ages almost 6 and 8) for ramen on the UES. or East Harlem. Noodles seems like such an obvious choice for children. Any recommendations? It would be particularly fun if they could watch the noodles being made. I have read about Naruto Ramen on Third, but it is very small and there would be six of us.

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  1. Naruto is the only ramen place I can think of and I would not recommend it for 6 people. It is pretty tight and there can be a wait. Not the best Ramen either but that's for the parents, not the kids.

    A place called Tatany on 72 and 2nd has a big sign out front offering Ramen though I have never tried it or the restaurant in general. However from passing by they do have tables.

    As for watching them get made I don't really know of any place where you can see Ramen being made in the city. Most places get their's specifically made from a place in NJ. There are Soba and Chinese handpulled noodle places where you can see this but they are mostly downtown as far as I know.

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      I haven't found a really good noodle soup place on the UES (Tatany's ramen is pretty lousy). Vermicelli and Tang Pavilion both have noodle soups, and they're both alright. Neither is Japanese, though. I think you can watch the cooks make dumplings at Tang's.

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        I haven't either. Vermicelli is mediocre and way over priced, I make big batches of Pho and freeze it in individual containers. It is a noodle soup desert up here unfortunately.

        Haven't tried Tatany, only saw the sign so thanks for the heads up

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          A couple of years back, someone I don't see on the boards anymore recommended Tatany for its cooked dishes. One of these days I'll check it out. Discussion here:

    2. If you're willing to go to the Upper-Upper West Side, consider Jin Ramen which is right below the 125th St. stop on the 1 train.

      You can sit at the counter and watch the chefs prepare various dishes though I don't specifically recall seeing them make ramen noodles.

      1. If you go to Naruto early or for lunch, they should be able to accommodate. We take our boys, 9 and 7 there and they like it a lot.

        1. Not the UES but...Tasty Hand Pulled Noodles at 1 Doyers Street (Chinatown) would fill the bill to your satisfaction. I just Yelped it and everyone finds it quite delicious .me too..they make the noodles on the spot and you can watch

          1. Go downtown instead to perhaps Gyu Kaku where there will be lots of room for everyone. They have location on 50th and 3rd or Cooper Sq. You can also order other dishes. It will be fun for all.