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Apr 9, 2014 07:58 AM

Chicago Dinner for 8-10

I'm heading to Chicago for a bachelor party the third weekend in May and am looking for a place that could accommodate 8-10; is lively but the food is great and preferably meat-centric. I was thinking maybe Publican but I haven't been to this great city since 2011 so I don't know what changes, what's new, etc...

Also, I'm looking at all you can eat/drink rooftops for a cubs game on Friday or Saturday. I can't remember the one I did a few years ago but it seemed like a good deal (around $100 or so) and it was a great time.

Thanks in advance for any input.

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  1. The Publican may or may not be suitable for your needs. With 8-10 people, you'll be seated at one of their looooong communal tables (they have conventional private tables but only for groups up to 6). And it's extremely loud so those at one end of the group won't be able to hear those at the other end. So that's something to consider on whether that will or won't work for you.

    Here are some other possibilities. I'd consider one of our more festive ethnic restaurants with terrific food - specifically, Frontera Grill for contemporary Mexican, Mercat a la Planxa for tapas, Carnivale or Nacional 27 for Latin fusion, or Brazzaz for Brazilian-style steaks. All are very lively, places where you can make a little noise and not be out of place, but you'll still be able to hear each other.

    I don't know anything about the Wrigley rooftop clubs; hopefully someone else here can help out with that.

    1. I've done two rooftops both are nice. The Ivy League Club which is part of a group, Wrigley Rooftops, I believe. And 3639 Wrigley. We preferred 3639 but not by a lot. It would depend on price and what you were looking for. The Ivy League Club, IIRC, has a "suite" level price that serves alcohol past the 7thg inning. But check the web for more info.

      1. " is great and preferably meat-centric. ..."

        A bit out of the way, but I can vouch for the food: Sol de Mexico, on North Cicero. Their rack of lamb with mole sauce will redefine your assessment of both.

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          I've been rather disappointed with Sol de Mexico. If you'd like to enjoy our contemporary Mexican cuisine, I'd stick to Frontera Grill (mentioned above), Mexique, or Mixteco Grill, all of which are easy to get to from downtown.

          1. re: nsxtasy

            For your meat-centric meal, I would consider Frontier, perhaps even one of their whole-animal group meals if your group is on the primal or adventurous side.

            Tango Sur, a BYOB Argentine steakhouse about a half mile west of Wrigley Field, might also be a good option. They are not known for accepting reservations, but per my experience they will try to save space for a group if given notice, and per their website, "For reservations please call 773 477-5466."

            I love the Publican. I would recommend calling and inquiring about options for your group size. IIRC, and I might not because this winter was so darn long, they do offer patio/sidewalk seating, which might be open for your visit, and would negate any potential concerns about the very loud interior.

            1072 N. Milwaukee Ave.

            Tango Sur
            3763 N Southport Ave.

        2. For a group of younger dudes, check out Laschet's Inn up on Irving Park (right near the Irving Park brown line stop). Fantastic meat-centric german food & beers. Me and my group of guy friends go all the time; hard to beat the food & atmosphere, and easy to make reservations for 8-10 people. More of a dive-y atmosphere, without a lot of the typical german-restaurant kitsch.