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Apr 9, 2014 07:49 AM

Simple Recipes With A Twist

I was surfing through YouTube a few days ago and saw a user put a "twist" on a basic easy recipe. She put jalapeños and bacon bits on cast iron cornbread. Sweet and salty and spicy, come on! Sounds good to me!

My girlfriend makes homemade spaghetti/goalash/lasagna sauce with brown sugar. Not sure if this is the normal or not but it sure is good.

I can't really think of any twists that I do on simple recipes. Cast iron popcorn made with EVOO comes to mind.

Anybody have any input? Or perhaps some genius ingredient added to a more complicated recipe?

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  1. With a nod to Top Chef Mike Sabella, pepperoni bolognese.

    1. This is a pretty broad question but I like to add anchovies to marinara sauce.

      1. I like to make a "Middle Eastern" meatloaf with eastern spices and a cold mint/yoghurt or dill/yoghurt dressing served with green salad as a twist on basic meatloaf

        I make hamburgers where I sub 1/2 fresh Mexican hot chorizo for beef - and top with avocado and jack (ok I sub fresh chorizo In lots of things)

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          Chorizo is the bomb. I've always wanted to try it with burgers but whenever I make burgers, I leave the pricey chorizo at the store. Yet, I do 50/50 for pork sausage for a scrambled egg and hashbrown skillet piece of heaven. "Luxury prison breakfast" I call the dish lol.

        2. I like to add a little brown sugar and hot sauce to a few tablespoons of ketchup, mix it, then use it as I would normally use the ketchup. It's wonderful on eggs, meatloaf, fried potatoes, etc.

          I also like to add a couple tablespoons (about 2 or 3) of prepared horseradish when I'm mixing together all the ingredients for a meatloaf.

          When I make a gallon of homemade sweetened ice tea (also lemonade) along with 2 level cups of the sugar, I also add 3 packets of Equal artificial sweetener. It really helps boost the sweet flavor without adding more sugar.

          To meat that I want to cook till it's just done so that it retains it's moisture... but tends to look a tad pale, I start by heating a little oil in a fry pan, then add about a teaspoon of sugar. I let the sugar brown then add the meat and fry as normal. This really gives the meat a rich darker brown color that is extremely appealing, without a long cooking process.