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Apr 9, 2014 07:44 AM

Tasting Menu/Splurge Dinner?

I lived in DC for 6 years and now Houston for the past 2. I'm coming back for a visit and want to treat myself (so solo diner) to a splurge/tasting menu dinner. I have a reservation at Rogue 24 but wanted to check with the 'hounds first.

I've been to the following places: Komi, Citronelle, Central, Marcel's, Rasika, Restaurant Eve, Little Serrow, The Source, Fiola, Corduroy and an embarrassing amount of other places. (Apparently all I did in DC was eat.)

So any suggestions other than Rogue?

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  1. Al Dente (Roberto Donna) does a tasting menu but only on Tues - Thurs. You need to call them for availability. CityZen also has a tasting menu, so does Menu/MBK. Just some other places for you to consider (not saying they're better than Rogue 24, but they're very different from Rogue 24, which like Minibar, is more interesting than delicious, whereas every course at Al Dente will likely be delicious).

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      Yes, I'm torn between having a few delicious courses or having the crazy number, some will be weird and not that good approach!

      1. re: DCLindsey

        In fact, I'm going back to Al Dente right before I leave for Houston. I might need to uber it.

    2. I'd stick with Rogue. been twice and it was amazing both times. the cocktails are great too if you're into that.

      1. I've been to all of those places as well in the last few years, and after my meal two weeks ago, I have to say that the best tasting menu in DC right now, by a long shot, is CityZen.

          1. I would go with City Zen or volt. Both tasteing menus are not only good but fill you up. Volt sometimes has openings for table 21 last minute weeknights. I hope you enjoy whatever you choose.