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Apr 9, 2014 07:35 AM

Vegetarian-friendly and gluten-free in DC/MoCo area

I'm looking for suggestions for a restaurant that would be good for a significant birthday for someone who is vegetarian and recently gluten-free. The restaurant doesn't have to be all vegetarian, but there should be a fair number of options. We do Thai and Indian fairly often, so preferably not those. Thanks!

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  1. Jaleo for Spanish tapas is the best quality food / vegetarian options you will find.

    Spinack with raisins, baby wrinkled potaotes, beet salad with citrus, wild mushrooms, and caulifower with dates and olives are all highly recommended. There are soups and cheeses as well.

    Then, depending on how strict your friend is, the patatas bravas are vegetarian, but they are deep fried in the same oil used to deep fry non-vegetarian items.

    If you have any questions before ordering, the management is very knowledgeable and gets this question all the time.

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      Thanks Steve. I love Jaleo and hadn't considered tapas for this. Not sure if the birthday girl is a fan ... will have to find out.

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        One review of gluten free options in the DC area does mention Jaleo, but they also mention that some fried things are done in shared fryers (shared with things that contain gluten, not Steve's reference to sharing vegetarian and non vegetarian things). That might also be an issue depending upon how strict the birthday girl needs to be with gluten intake.

        I don't know if you and the birthday girl would consider Ethiopian food as celebratory. If you do, I think several of the restaurants in Silver Spring have 100% teff injera. And they definitely have vegetarian options.

        1. re: Lori D

          Thanks! Those are good things to know! I'm pretty sure she hasn't had Ethiopian before, not sure if she'd try it.

    2. You might try Cedar on E Street. Chef McCloud tries to do a lot of market to dinner type meals and the restaurant offers a Vegan tasting menu. I have always found them to be very accommodating of any request I have. I've had dinners there where one of the dines was a vegan and was treated very well.

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      1. For a really special night out, there's Elizabeth's Gone Raw.

        Alternatively, Farmers Fishers Bakers has consistently provided me delicious mouth-gasm food that is sustainable and has a lot of vegetarian gluten free options.

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        1. I recently celebrated a birthday at Blue Duck Tavern with guests who were vegetarian and gluten-free. The restaurant was accommodating and the food looked and tasted just as good as non vegetarian and gluten free options.

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          1. A bit further out would be Great Sage in Clarksville, MD. It's vegan and has lots of GF options.

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