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Apr 9, 2014 06:13 AM

Updating Devon Indian Restaurants?

In anticipation of Indian dinner tomorrow evening at Devon St (first time), I searched the Board here to see if any particular places are recommended. Oddly, almost no threads seemed to have been updated in the last 2-4 years, and even in the older threads, there is a general lack of contention or promotion of one place over another.

Does that mean they're all "fine"? All "excellent"? Or maybe some other meaning?

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  1. I can't speak for anyone else, but for myself, I haven't been to Devon Avenue (not Devon Street :) ) in a while. When I was going there more frequently, there were a lot of Indian places that were okay, but none that was head and shoulders above the others. Hence I'm reluctant to recommend any particular place.

    One approach you could take is to walk down the street and look at the menus posted in the storefront windows, and if one particular menu catches your eye, eat there.

    1. Are you looking for nice decor?

      If decor is not an object, I'm in the Khan BBQ camp for the food.
      Chicken Boti
      Seekh Kebab
      A goat gravy dish
      Aloo Gobi, and a saag
      Frontier rice
      And a few paratha.

      If decor is totally not an object, then Ghareeb Nawaz or Hyderbaad House are total dives with decent eats. Ghareeb Nawaz is dirt cheap. There are land mines all over Ghareeb's menu, but I can vouch for:

      Chili Chicken rice
      Chana Masala
      any Goat curry if bones don't freak you out.
      You might wanna try Hema's Kitchen as well.I haven't been there in AGES, but it was my first real foray into Pakistani food, and I loved it back in the day.

      Uru-swati is a great joint for vegetarian fare.

      Or,check on Groupon, and pick a joint that has a groupon on offer.

      Khan BBQ would be my choice tho. Not the greatest ambience, but they know their way around meat and charcoal.

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        Good advice here. Note that there is currently an active Groupon for Uru-Swati.
        Also, you don't have to go to Devon for South Asian food.
        Closer to downtown, Jaipur and Cumin are quite good.