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Apr 9, 2014 06:11 AM

Ft. Lauderdale Dining Options?

My husband and I will be in Ft. Lauderdale next weekend (Easter weekend) and are looking for some restaurant suggestions. We'll have a car, so driving isn't an issue and we're staying on Seabreeze Blvd, if that helps. I'm a strict vegetarian, but my husband is open to just about anything. The only cuisine we don't like is Indian and I can generally find something on any menu, so places like steakhouses and the sort are not off limits.

We tend to gravitate towards wine bars or places where we can get "sips and snacks" - some nice glasses of wine and some small plates or a variety of appetizers. But we'd also like to plan for a nice dinner on Saturday night. Since it will be a quick trip, we'd like to avoid packing dressy clothes so something with a resort casual dress code would be preferred.

Thanks in advance!

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  1. You might check out Hot and Soul.

    It's something of a quirky but excellent "mom n pop" spot, on Federal Hwy in FtL (Oakland Park Blvd).

    There's a New-Orleans/Filipino influence (sometimes even Indian cuisine shows up) but you really can't pigeonhole them.

    Owners Mike and Christy are super folks and, especially if you go at a non-peak time, I bet they would be happy to accommodate special requests. There's almost always a few vegs dishes on the menu anyway.

    Follow them on social media for a few days and you'll get to know them better. And poke around their website and you can see where they're coming from.

    Prev thread:

    Great outside write-up:

    Virtually every adventurous "foodie" I know of who's tried this place has nothing but good things to say.

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      Thanks for the recommendation! My husband's family (on his father's side) is from New Orleans and I grew up in PA just a short distance away from where Mike is from. I think this could be a great option!

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        If you like small plates, S3 is at the Hilton on the beach and is good. Also, on the intracoastal just south of Las Olas, you can sit at the bar and have some good small plates at G&B Oyster. Both should be close to where you're staying.

    2. S3 is a great suggestion, awesome view at the bar. Plaza Bistro is also good, unique all outdoor seating with some great flatbreads. I think they serve dinner.

      If you want to venture out and drive, Tucker Dukes in Deerfield Beach has some awesome burgers and the owner is a champ on Food Network's Cutthroat Kitchen.

      1. Addressing your "nice" dinner on Saturday night: You might try Canyon in Ft. Laud. which is upscale Southwestern food. It has great fresh and creative salads, and a wide selection of small plates with several vegan selections. (The only caveat is that they do not take reservations so you will probably wait awhile at the bar.) I have taken vegetarians to Casa d'Angelo which serves consistently great Italian and my vegan friends always want to go back. Casa d'Angelo will also alter ANY dish on the menu to fit your needs. You might also look at Johnny V on Las Olas which presents plenty of vegetarian options. You can walk along Las Olas after dinner too. (Both Casa and Johnny V's have indoor and outdoor seating while Canyon does not). These suggestions are all close by, excellent, and have very nice atmosphere (but with no real dress code)... in my opinion. Enjoy!

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          Thank you so much for the recommendations! We were actually thinking about strolling down Las Olas on Saturday evening so Johnny V could be a great option. I also see that they have happy hour every day - bonus!

        2. A great choice is Market 17 on SE 17th st. They have happy hour every day with half off drinks and apps. The food is outstanding. It is perfect for sips and bites.

          Another great restaurant is Kitchenetta. Ask to sit at the chef's bar and order a pizza with an arugala salad. It is amazing!

          Also, one should not leave fort Lauderdale without a stroll on las olas. Stop for cocktails and small plates at voodka and American social.

          Bon appetit. Zoe.

          Also great and soooo fort Lauderdale is coconuts. The service and food are amazing. Make sure to get there early for a seat on the water. It is great for lunch too.