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Apr 9, 2014 04:25 AM


The ramen thread seems bloated & unrelated, so starting a new thread for this.

I have to add a glowing recommendation for U:Don in the University district, it's a great food experience. Currently they have a seasonal special: tan tan udon that is IMO fabulous. Of course I like me some spicy tan tan (think Aloha Ramen).

Noodles created fresh in front of you, choice of sauce/soup, cold/hot plus additions: green onion, shaved ginger, panko crumbs. They also have a selection of tempura if you want it; it's just OK.

Under $10 for a large order. There's always a long line of Japanese students at lunch <hint>.

Ambience,'s the U district. I take it to go, it is cold after all.

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  1. It's really the only place that entices me to trek over to the U District these days.

    1. I really like their udon. But don't bother with the sad tempura under the heat lamp.

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        But do keep an eye peeled for the arrival of fresh tempura, as these were quite tasty, though we recognized our good luck for what it was.

      2. 2nd your recommendation. Absolutely love U:Don. I work nearby and go there almost once a week. Haven't tried the tan tan, but will try it next time. My favorite is the ontama soup.

        @HungWeiLo: Although the majority of eateries on the Ave are mediocre, I have found a few gems, including Chili's South Indian Restaurant, Morsel, and Somtam Thai. The biscuit sandwiches at Morsel are phenomenal.

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          Quid pro quo, I absolutely 2nd your recommendations as well. I love Kerala cuisine! People, if you want a food orgasm, try Chili's thali, or a bone-in goat dosa. The matriarch of this place is why it is great.

          I admit I haven't been to Somtam Thai...yet.

          Those biscuits: yum! I sometimes get a couple to go; they'll even keep for a few days, just reheat on low in the oven (NOT microwave, you want that slight outer crunch). I then slather with clotted cream & jam, and snarf with good black tea, purchased online:

          I've only tried the tan tan cold, with sauce. Last time, I lazily left the empty take-out container on the table overnight - next day the aroma of the (scant) residual sauce in the container made me salivate! Now that's redolent.

          True, the tempura @ U:Don is hit & miss. Like mrnelso said, you've got to catch it when it comes out fresh. Peak hours ensures fast turnover of the tempura, so get in line!

          I found this interesting local article on their ontama, citing some of the ingredients sourced from Japan: