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Apr 8, 2014 10:50 PM

If a recipe calls for, simply, a "fresh red chile" would a fresno pepper work?

Hi I have a recipe calling for, very simply, a "fresh red chile".
I am aware there are ALL types of chiles. Is this something where you pick your own pepper as long as it's red and this will work out?
Is there a pepper called literally a red chile?

I grabbed a red fresno and a green "thai" figuring any red pepper would do, and figured I'd have the thai just in case fresno was wrong choice.

I'm just curious if there is a chile (are chiles peppers? are peppers chiles?) called a "red chile" or does this apply to many types of peppers?

Thank you greatly!

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  1. The Fresno is what I think of as a fresh red chile and is what's common in our markets

    1. What is it that you are making?

      1. That will work fine but I often find fresno chiles pretty mild. If you want hotter, add the green thai chile too.

        I find that generally any chile will work so I go with the heat level I'm seeking. A red bell pepper, of course, wouldn't work in a dish like the one you're trying. Which sounds delicious, by the way. Good luck.

        1. In most cases I assume when a recipe calls for red chiles, it is calling for my choice of ripened chile, as opposed to green. Fresnos are good all-purpose choice..

          1. JalapeƱos turn red as they ripen and will have a little more kick than a Fresno.

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              I've had some frescos that had a lot of kick. Didn't know if it was a hot Fresno or jalapeƱo that got mixed in

              1. re: scubadoo97

                Oh, I've had some yellow fresnos that were killer.

                One Christmas Eve I was doing a Sopa de Albondigas recipe that called for putting 2 or 3 fresnos in and simmering along with the meatballs and then removing and discarding. The albondigas were fine, the broth was so flaming hot we could barely eat it. My family has not let make Sopa de Albondigas for them since :-D