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Apr 8, 2014 08:58 PM

What to serve for Pre-Passover meal

What's your custom to serve for the meal before the Seder, Monday afternoon ?

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  1. Baked potato bar (choose your own toppings) and scrambled eggs.

    1. Baked salmon and either quinoa or potatoes.

      1. As we shall be running at full speed getting ready for the crowd of diners and sleepover guests, we don't serve that meal in our house.
        Instead, all the out of town guests arrive at our house, drop their belongings in the assigned bedrooms, etc and are directed across the driveway to MIL's house. there will be a cold salad buffet set up in her sunroom. Egg salad, Tuna salad, baba ganoush, egg matzo, crudites with a creamy Italian dressing dip, potato salad, cole slaw, coffee tea, soda, mandelbrot, potato chips and of course chocolates. The boys will probably eat and run for the basketball court or hot tub. The girls will take over MIL's bathrooms and dressing room to start makeup. The adults will come back to our house and unpack and visit.
        If the weather is not condusive to outside activity for the youngsters, then MIL will also Cream of Tomato Soup and Potato Leek Soup. MIL just acts as the hostess, all food will have been cooked, prepped and arranged in our home. As a concession to MIL's age, the meal will be eaten using disposable plates, cups, utensils.

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          Hmm, Mil's house, that sounds good!

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            This also insures that the younger ones spend some time with Grandma, great aunt, etc.
            If they want to eat they have to visit. By the time we're all gathered at the seder table they may not have time with MIL

        2. Back in the day when the kids were home...I made shepherd's pie..
          Ground beef mixed with onions on the bottom...mashed potatoes mixed with sauteed onions on top...simple and filling...

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            Any other spices? And how long do you bake for? Uncovered?

          2. My husband will take cottage cheese, fruit and pesach brownies to eat at work.