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Apr 8, 2014 06:39 PM

El Coyote Redux

Someone mentioned El Coyote and their recent disappointment with it on another post, and I thought it was worth a new thread. I've always been an apologist what we call "The Dog" because I thought you could mine a quite delicious meal from their menu, and they did a simple things--enchiladas and tamales, for example--very well.

Their menu underwent an overhaul (and thank god, a re-design) about a year ago, and I'm curious if any Coyote-hatin' hounds have been forced by friends or relatives to go, and tried some of their new offerings?

My wife loves the grilled fish tacos (swai, I believe), that comes with a delicious cucumber/cilantro/garlic sort of chimmichurri salsa. They have street tacos of chicken, steak, and carnitas that are serviceable and come with one of two more new salsas: a verde and a salsa de arbol, which are both tasty.. .There's an "auténtico" chile relleno an anaheim chile battered and fried and covered in a tangy tomato-based sauce, which, while I'm not sure of it's authenticity, is a huge improvement over their former fluffy, soggy thing. They also now have pretty good shrimp, grilled, big, and not too dry, for tacos, burritos, or atop a Caesar salad.

And they've changed to a handmade patty for their cheeseburgers, which (along with their shockingly good fries) I've always loved.

Discuss. Preferably without going down the Prop 8 rabbit-hole.

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  1. I do loves me my El Coyote. It's all true, many items have been over hauled, added, etc. It's still a great place for groups, or just a couple.

    The addition of seafood was such a game changer, especially if you had those "vegetarian" friends who eat fish, you know, Peskytarians. I didn't know shrimp was a vegetable ;-) It's ok, some of my best friends are fish only types.

    This fish tacos are delish, as is the shrimp quesadilla, and shrimp fajitas.That green sauce that is served with the fish tacos is also great a salad dressing. One of the new items is a tostada type salad, Tostada Fresca. It comes with a sweet dressing, but I substitute that creamy green sauce on it, also, so yummy.

    The service, as always, is so super friendly, they really do treat everyone like family, EVERYONE.

    It's still the only margarita I will drink, I like 'em house style, they way they have tasted since I was paying $2.05 for a double.

    We call it our kitchen away from kitchen, and also it's our church, as we would go once a week, religiously. Favorite waitress is named Judy, and we are worshipers of Judyism.

    I'm here all week. Really, try the fish tacos.

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    1. re: Seasa

      Hi, just wondered with all the tacos and quesadillas, etc.,
      how were the tortillas?

      1. re: VenusCafe

        They use some of the best tortilla I have ever had. Not homemade, but quality, and they steam them just right, if that's what you are after. Nothing like warm corn tortillas & butter.....

    2. I was not aware of a new menu.

      The margaritas have always been stellar. Sit in the bar and groove on the tufted naugahyde walls found only in that area.

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      1. Apologies for all the typos.

        *did a few simple things
        *autentico chile relleno: an Anaheim chile
        *its authenticity
        *shrimp: grilled

        Obviously the margaritas are still very strong. ;-)

        1. So, other than that how was the play Mrs. Lincoln?

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          1. re: jessejames

            It took precisely four replies for the rabbit hole to beckon. Yes, their handling of the Prop 8 mess could've been better. But it was a single $100 donation by their owner, who is Mormon and, shall we say, not the sharpest tyne on the fork. The staff is like 60% gay and they gave thousands to AIDS related charities in response. What more do you want? This isn't a Chik-fil-A situation. Of course those are just my feelings. YMMV.

            Anyway this board is supposed to be about food, right? Forgot to mention they also have a new tortilla soup which is one of the best I've had.

            1. re: jesstifer

              Gotta say, stuff like that keeps me away from Barneys Beanery, Urasawa, Chickfilet....good thing for them they get free public defenders.

              You don't get to say what the board is about -- for me it's about our local restaurants and I prefer good food without a side dish of hate exclusion or ruins my appetite and is uninviting.

              1. re: jessejames

                There are other things that keep me away from those three places, LOL. Too bad Chik-fil-a (which I don't patronize) because it IS truly boycottable. There was that one day where they had supposedly changed their policy and so I had a sandwich there. It was delish. It was the last one, ever.

                As for my saying "what the board is about," I actually posed it in the form of a question. And in any case, I do get to try to limit the scope of my own posted question. As in "looking for restaurants in Hollywood, please not El Coyote." But some will go ahead and ignore that. Happens a lot here, in fact.

          2. Yes the $2.05 doubles, the tostadas with French dressing and veg-all, the crappy art for sale on the walls (and yes I do have a piece), the security guard with the .357, the peep holes in the men's john. Ah the good 'ol days. To me, it went downhill when George Hamilton's son got busted for dropping trou in the mini mall next door. Maybe it just got too gentrified. I guess the same thing happened at Casa Vega out in Sherman Oaks. That place used to be full of old alkies from the neighborhood and the stench of stale cigs permeated everything, but I loved it. Then I heard it was now the "hip" place to go. Oh well.