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Apr 8, 2014 05:53 PM

Mission BBQ - Glen Burnie

Was in Glen Burnie on Saturday and swung by Mission BBQ. I'd heard good things so we gave it a try. Was very busy, but our order was right up. Great staff...wasn't sure what sauce to try so they gave us some of all of them....We got two racks of ribs, brisket, mac n cheese...The ribs were pretty dry, my family said the ones I do on the old Weber are much better. The brisket was good..I like them a little fattier, but the flavor was tender. The mac n cheese could have come out of a box...non descript. I do have to say that this was carry out...and about a half hour drive maybe eating there the ribs might have been better....I'm gonna give it another try eating there....

On a side note.....KBQ is open again. This time in Lanham (how this is called Lanham I have no's really Largo). It's in the same shopping center as the Wegmans. Haven't tried it yet.

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  1. I usually get the brisket and haven't been disappointed. It's one of the few places around that even asks if you want it moist or lean. My kids love the Mac and Cheese (they do also love Kraft), but I thought it tasted much better than the box. It could have suffered on the drive. I've also been surprised how good the smoked turkey there is. I've never tried their ribs, but everything else has been great.

    1. Haven't been to the one in GB, but the brisket and yard bird I've had in Canton have been excellent. Sides are average!

      1. It's been a while, but I was happy with their pulled pork. My wife had the turkey on a salad. The salad was kind of a sad fast food affair, but the turkey was outstanding.

        1. Wow, has KBQ gotten better?
          They started our killer good, then turned into tasteless mush.

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            Yeah, I had a similar experience. Definitely waiting a while until the reviews roll in.