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Apr 8, 2014 05:26 PM

Kitchen Casino

Anybody catch this one last night? Ugh! (Just about sums it up in one word.)

In general, I have to admit to enjoying some of the cooking shows with the ridiculous twists, but this one didn't do it for me. Plus, the host and judges seemed totally awkward.

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  1. I watch way too much reality cooking TV. Not this one.

    Was I mistaken by the promo or was the "host" one of the Donald Trump apprentice winners?

    For me this one looks like a big ole Yawn.

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    1. re: chicgail

      Yup - the host one the first season and he's the husband of that former E! host, two folks who've yet to meet a TV show they won't be on.

      As much as I thought I wouldn't like Cutthroat Kitchen, it has grown on me and I enjoy that they occasionally have Alton do Good Eats-style asides to make a comment on a decision a contestant has made. But having hosts this far away from someone with any food knowledge is getting increasingly sad.

        1. re: cresyd

          Exactly! What is he doing on a Food Network show?

          Well, as you mentioned, they will do anything to be on TV. Sad state of affairs for Food Network, but not that surprising these days.

          Good grief.

          1. re: breadchick

            When I saw the promos for this I thought, If no one in the FN stable is desperate enough to take on hosting duties, this show must be very bad.

      1. Boy, he (Bill Ransic) must be hard up. I tuned in for the 1st, and last time. DUMB.

        1. Meh... I'll give it more than one shot before I say no, but it seems to have gone too far into the random pointlessness... (Cutthroat Kitchen grew on me too... I was sure I'd loathe it, and I don't, probably because it has Alton Brown.)

          1. I watched the first round, but got bored; just didn't do anything for me.

            1. This show stinks! Go back to what you originally started this network for. I refuse to watch this show.

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              1. re: marjerseyNJ

                Actually they originally started the network to make a profit. The people who started it and those who have managed it over the years are not food people, they are TV professionals. They care about ratings and ad revenue. Competition shows seem to deliver these.

                There was a very interesting book published last year ("From Scratch ...") that talks all about this.

                I too would like to see more quality cooking on FN, but in reality it's probably not going to change.

                1. re: pamf

                  Since FN is losing viewers, they will have to change. Whether it's going back to actual cooking or doubling down on the schlocky crap remains to be seen.

                  1. re: coney with everything

                    How do you know they are losing viewers?

                    Their ratings clearly tell them what works to bring in viewers (i.e. advertising $$) and they have doubled down on games, competitions and restaurant-fix-shows while moving away from actual cooking. The execs are not stupid. I have to believe that their ratings show them that the former are what more viewers are watching and the cooking shows are not.

                    1. re: coney with everything

                      Agree. It appears they are choosing to go with a combo of Nickelodeon and the Game Show Network. But with food.

                      Everything is a competition (no real problem with that part) with not enough time, then throwing silly obstacles in the way and amping up the noise and the flashing lights It's like programming by 10 year olds with the same amount of sophistication.