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Impressive side dish

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Any ideas for a side dish that's sure to impress and travels well for an upscale luncheon/early dinner and wine tasting?

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  1. Would help to know what the main entree is. :)

    1. Hasselback potatoes, assuming you can oven-reheat briefly. You can transport them at room temp, lined up in a baking pan. Cooks Illustrated has a thorough recipe.

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      1. What about a Panade? I love the Wednesday Chef's panade recipe with chard and onion. A good gruyere in there or other lovely cheese. Would pair well with wine and travels nicely.

        1. This is gorgeous, holds together very firmly when cool, and the fragrance is wonderful: http://www.epicurious.com/recipes/foo...

            1. Yes, corn and spam. Cut the spam into bite sizes and sauté until the outer layer is slightly crispy. Remove the corn from the cob and toss that in. The saltiness of the spam complements the sweetness of corn very well. It's what I bring most often to get-togethers. Quick, cheap, delicious and portable. To make it colorful, you can also throw in roasted red bell peppers and minced cilantro. In the words of Rachel Ray, Yum-O.

              1. Grilled artichokes with a butter dipping sauce. http://www.food.com/recipe/grilled-ar...

                1. This may be a little dated, but it travels well hot or cold and has a good mix of veggies. It's a little high in fat calories but I think of that as a bonus when alcohol is being served...


                  Note: the dish looks more elegant if you slice the tomatoes on a mandolin and omit the breadcrumb topping.