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Apr 8, 2014 03:21 PM

Impressive side dish

Any ideas for a side dish that's sure to impress and travels well for an upscale luncheon/early dinner and wine tasting?

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  1. Would help to know what the main entree is. :)

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      This year, the main entrees will be fresh caught marinated seared tuna belly and fresh marinated grilled venison backstrap. Probably 45 people. The wines usually are big reds, many from Napa.

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        Cauliflower "steaks" are impressive yet easy and still very good room temp. Easy to roast in oven too. Swap the salsa verde for a chimmichuri, romesco, or just a scattering of fresh herbs and some toasted chopped walnuts

        The asparagus panzanella portion of this recipe is a great tomato less way to make it for spring

        This carrot and beet slaw is really colorful and beautiful- keep the shredded red beets aside and add gently tossing at the last minute so everything doesn't go pink

        This rainbow slaw is also very pretty, swap in sunflower seeds instead of hemp seeds of you want, bring whole avocados to slice and add at last minute. The tahini dressing is delicious on anything!

    2. Hasselback potatoes, assuming you can oven-reheat briefly. You can transport them at room temp, lined up in a baking pan. Cooks Illustrated has a thorough recipe.

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      1. What about a Panade? I love the Wednesday Chef's panade recipe with chard and onion. A good gruyere in there or other lovely cheese. Would pair well with wine and travels nicely.

        1. This is gorgeous, holds together very firmly when cool, and the fragrance is wonderful: