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Apr 8, 2014 02:29 PM

Ebay copper pans buy, help with likely manufacture.

Hi.. I have been studying about copper pans. Reading a lot here and deciding what to buy. Pretty much decided on only looking for 2.5mm or greater and hand hammered if I can afford them. A few days ago bought a couple of smaller Mauviel hammered pans on ebay. They are 2.5 mm i think and look to be in great condition, tin lined. I've been watching the auctions a lot and learning prices, styles, retailers, manufactures, etc.. Well last night I did a search and a strange auction popped up. Not very good photos and just didn't look right, but it did catch my eye and I started to study it. It just seemed to be too good. Terrible descriptions and not much info. Looked to me like 4 pans of good quality diam from 6.5 - 10" and heights, 2.5 - 5" all with lids. The photos were too small and just had a hard time understanding what was even for sale. The more I studied the auction though, it was beginning to look like a really really good buy. I couldn't understand why no one had bid yet though. It might have been a one day auction. The seller seems to sell only clothes really for the most part... Well even longer story short, I ended up buying the pans for the BIN price of $299 including free shipping. I estimate the shipping alone from PA will be $50-70.

I know there are some experts here and hope they can chime in on who they think the manufacture and retailer might have been. From what I've learned so far I'm guessing Mauviel and dehillerin. With the lids it seems these would cost over $1000- $1300 new. The photos were small, but they look to be in maybe almost unused and likely 2 - 2.5 mm.

What do you all think? Give me some good news I hope. I got shipping info today, so I guess it is going down, what ever I will be getting! Ebay 310869315984

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  1. Hi, kalo:

    I think you took an acceptable risk. 4 hammered minty saucepans with lollypop lids for $300? $37.50/piece?

    The "Made in France" and condition are good signs. Best case, they are Mauviel made for some other seller. Worst case, they're Baumalu, and still worth what you paid. They look to be about 2mm to me.

    With ads like this one, sometimes you just have to take a flyer at them. If you *ask* how much they weigh, how thick they are, etc.--and the answer is great--the eBay gods will punish you by having the seller post that info, and the prices go up.

    If, when you get them, you don't like your bargain, you can always resell or avail yourself of the seller's return policy. After all, there's no substitute for actually *handling* the pans to better educate yourself and your "eye" for quality. It's all good.


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    1. re: kaleokahu

      Yeah, I had the thought to ask about more details, but decided against it. $75 for a pan and lid seemed like a real bargain. Some seem to be tin and at least one looks like stainless. I do make out copper rivets so that seems to be a good sign. Will post more details when I get them. Some ebay sellers are terrible packers. I really hope that is not the case with this seller. I sent a message last night pleading for good packing and some ideas. No reply.. Hoping for the best. Thanks very much for your reply!

    2. The saute pan and smallest sauce pan are both stainless steel lined and look to be Mauviel to me, 2.5 mm, non-hammered... which is their current top of the line.

      The two larger sized sauce pans are tin-lined hand hammered, also Mauviel, probably 2.5 - 3.0 mm. It took me 10 minutes of careful examination of the photos to discern there are 2 different hammered tin lined sauce pans. Since the two are of the same proportion, and no single photo shows both pans, it's not trivial to recognize this.

      Four Mauviel pans with lids sold individually on ebay would probably fetch $650. You've made a great buy. Good eye. Deals like this lurk around, so if you keep up the energy scour the ads, it will pay off. At some point though, I decided to leave some bargains to the next generation of copper lovers, as my wife has vowed to give away any more copper that I bring in the house.

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      1. re: alarash

        Thanks Alarash.. It's interesting that it takes a little time and analysis for this group of pans. I've been studying copper pots for about the past 5 days and when first looking at these photos was just a little baffled. The auction was not put together well. I suspect the seller just wanted the BIN price, likely set by a consignor, and didn't care about all the details. Looking again now agree the small pan and saute are stainless and the other two tin. This group is just what I was looking for. I will be super excited if they all measure 2.5 or more. I had seen the Julia Child peg board photo showing where she put her pans a few times during the past week or so and just had another look just now but I didn't see any lids on it. Did another search on google for her kitchen images and now see there is one photo of her in her kitchen (in france i think) and there are pot lids on the wall of the "lollipop" (thanks kaleokahu) form. I feel even more happy to know that! I used to watch her on tv maybe when I was about 10 on. Feeling like trying to find some videos online of her if there are any around. I might have to get some sort of pot rack now or maybe I'll put them directly on the wall as JC did. Thanks again for your reply and a special thanks to your wife for taking some competition off of the block... :p

        1. re: alarash

          Now I looked again and the two non hammered pans look to have steel rivets. If they are 2.5 seems very likely to be from Dehillerin. The hammered pans with CI and copper rivets can also be purchased there. Maybe older style lids added from another source..

          1. re: kalo93406

            Hi, kalo:

            Please post with your new pans' thicknesses and marks when they arrive.

            Photos of some visible yet accessible storage ideas.


            1. re: kaleokahu

              Received the first set of two pans. The are both Signed Mauviel and hammered with CI handles, copper rivets. As predicted, a poor job of packing, even though the seller assured me he would do a great job. The small pan nested inside the larger. The small pans handle just separated with one layer of thin bubble wrap. Small pan could move inside the large pan. With the handle resting on the larger pans rim, the plastic failed and can see copper through the worn tin on the rim inside corner for about 2 inches. What a PITA.. It's almost a no win with some ebay sellers.. arghhhh. Should I send it back or??? Can't imagine whats going to happen with 4 pans and 4 lids in one box..

              1. re: kalo93406

                The seller gave me a credit for this damage. Which was nice, so keeping it.

          2. re: alarash

            I hit the jackpot.. The biggest pan is a hammered 10.375" (26.5cm) dia., 5.3" (13.5cm) high and weighs ~12 lbs., ~3.5mm. Just slight damage during shipping. Again, the shipper rested the iron handle of two smaller pans on the rim. These are amazing never used pans. Feel shocked and lucky! :o

          3. Photo. 26.5, 20.5, 16.5cm sauce pans, 20.2cm saute. Feeling happy.. Cheers!

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            1. re: kalo93406

              Hi, Kalo:

              Well, don't just sit there letting that Anchor Steam warm up. Toast to a great deal.

              Also, realize that this kind of deal doesn't come up all that often, at least without Alarash's kind of photo analytics.

              Happy Cooking,

              1. re: kaleokahu

                Yeah, it's gone, might go for two. Considering some red pepper and leek risotto to add to the French copper welcome.. :)

              2. Very nice job sniffing out a great deal! Especially with those lids, you did very nicely! Good lollipop lids are hard to come by.

                You said that the tin-lined pans were marked Mauviel. What are the SS-lined pans marked?

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                1. re: jljohn

                  Yeah, feeling super lucky to have made this buy. The two prior eBay pans were signed Mauviel, the last four are all signed MADE IN FRANCE only. Just back from three nights in Vegas and finally put them to use.. Red pepper risotto with some crispy leeks for the top..