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Apr 8, 2014 01:49 PM

BrewDog redux

In light of the recent discussion about BrewDog here thought this was an interesting read:


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  1. good read, thanks.

    I think these guys are smart marketers, which is pretty obvious, and they have plenty of the cheekiness of youth. It will be interesting to see how it plays out when they've reached middle age.

    Jim Koch of Boston Beer, for example, used to have a knack for creating controversy (perhaps I should call it discord). Today he doesn't do that so much, and has emerged as an insightful voice for the industry.

    1. Thanks for posting this, Josh. It seems that Brew Dog is doing as good a job at getting attention for beer as Michael Jackson did, though on a totally different intellectual level.

      1. I watched their hype build and build. I'v only had their Punk what ever IPA a couple of years ago. It was expensive as hell (then again I purchased it in Brooklyn, home of the artisinial ass wash and floss). It was nothing special, not shite, but not worth a detour or the price.

        So many breweries are now about the hype, the next big thing, smoked imperial dry hopped light, dry, ice saison etc...shake out or not, I'm over the over hyped, over priced brew. If you want my moola, treat me with respect and don't insult me. Make a damn fine brew and I'm there (Bells, Sierra etc). Withsuch choice out there, it seems as if many of my pals are retreating to what they know, what they can afford (after all we're just coming out of the great recession) and beers that you can drink more than one.

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          Actually, this is a very good and appropriate take on the subject. I live in Tokyo, so Brew Dog is not really any more expensive than other craft imports. I have had Punk IPA and Dead Pony a number of times and thought it was good, but to be honest, I wouldn't really choose it over other craft imports, particularly those from the USA. At first I was turned off by their shrieking hype, but have gotten used to it. Well, the market is huge and there is certainly enough room for Brew Dog, but I am certainly not the person they are marketing towards.

        2. I think their beers are just fine. Certainly not crap nor revelationary. I will admit when I first heard of them I too thought they were loud mouth attention seeking punks trying to ride their own hype to fortune by making over the top beers and getting into trouble on purpose. And it actually took watching Brew Dogs to see that they are actually passionate about beer and beer making (Jim, they actually filmed an episode in Boston featuring Jim Koch where they brew a lobster beer (!) while on a boat sailing through Boston Harbor. In one scene the three of them strip off their clothes and take a "hot tub" dip in the vat of wort. Jim seems in his element. Seems to really get energy from the youthful antics which was nice to see). Its just they are a little insane but smart enough to realize the reaction this causes is easy to use to their advantage. So more power to em I guess...

          1. If you want to try a really good beer, try their Libertine Black IPA.. all simcoe hops, really a great beer. And if you are in the UK visit their pubs.