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Aug 21, 2003 11:24 AM

Exploring the food of Montreal

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Good day. I will be heading to Montreal soon and I need a list of where to eat. I am not really interested in the top trendy places or those that require a jacket and tie.

I want to eat at the hard to find restaurants that have great food. The hole in the wall with food that captures the essence of montreal's food. The place that does not appear in any guidebook. If you could also give a brief description of the place, it's location and why it is so good, that would be even better.


If anyone knows of really great hiking/camping close (within a few hours) to montreal I would sppreciate that info as well.

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  1. These are restaurants that I have tried, and where I have been impressed. They are not necessarily off-the-beaten-path, but they are not the most hyped either.

    Laloux (or Chez Laloux): Classic, brilliantly prepared french food, excellent service (especially wine advice). on Des Pins, west of St-Denis

    La Chronique: small place, classic to innovative french cuisine, friendly service. on Laurier, between du Parc and St-Laurent

    Area: Eclectic, innovative french, trendy atmosphere. on Amherst, just north of Ste-Catherine.

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      I once visited montreal where i tried a dish of french fries assaulted with gravy and various ingredients pilied up high. Does any one know the name of this seemingly typical dish?