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Apr 8, 2014 01:45 PM

Aluminum Grease Dispenser Alternatives

A couple years ago, I discovered the benefits of keeping bacon grease. Not the twice cooked stuff, but virgin stuff fresh from the bacon.

So, as most Americans do with tight budgets, I went to the Walmart and got a cheap aluminum grease can. Cheap "Mainstays" brand, I believe. It works great, filters the bits nice, etc.

I store it in the fridge, and wash it out brand new and dump the old grease maybe once a year.

One reason I want to move away from this aluminum thing is all the paranoia surrounding the harmful effects on humans. I realize it's probably not true but it'd be peace of mind on me (while I smoke cigarettes, lol).

I haven't noticed, but would an aluminum taste leach into the grease, especially when stored in fridge?

Is there any other alternatives besides stainless steel? Would stainless steel leech a metallic taste also? Is there a glass that would be safe for pouring hot grease into?

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  1. Bacon grease is GOLD!! My grandmother and Dad ALWAYS had a jar/comtainer of the stuff in fridge. I wouldn't think of buying a "specialty" item to store the stuff in. I use one of those "French" jelly jars. I don't strain out the bits. It's great for frying up left over potatoes or other veggies into a bit of a hash. A nice sturdy mason jar (wide-mouth preferred) will work just fine... just don't pour screaming HOT grease into a COLD jar.

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      Yeah I thought of using a Ball glass jar but, cold jar from fridge and hot grease is no good with glass, I presume. Plus, it wouldn't filter. I could use the aluminum one to filter though.

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        See above. You can filter by using cheese cloth over the top of the mouth of the jar. Wrap a triple layer or so around the mouth with a rubber band, and pour. And yes, of course wait until the fat has cooled but not solidified, and use a jar that has been stored at room temp.

    2. I do not think that Aluminum leeches into fats at all.
      You do not need a new Bacon Grease Tin.
      Replacing the Cigs would have a much more dramatic impact than any possible effects( if there are any) from Aluminum in your life.

      1. I use a plain old Mason jar. I keep some jars around even in my urban set-up, b/c they're great for storage in the kitchen as well as for canning. They can be had cheap in all sizes at Walmart, some supermarkets, Lehman's catalog, etc.

        Ball is one of the better known brands. They're made of heavy glass.

        If you want to strain your bacon fat, just wrap some cheese cloth over the top of the jar with a rubber band, and pour the fat through the cheese cloth. I've used coffee filters in a pinch, but it's harder to do, and you need more than one.

        HTH. Wait til you discover duck fat !

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          Duck fat for sure! Actually I like pork sausage fat over bacon --- Bacon just has too much sugar and stuff in it. Maybe that's why it's so good though :)

        2. There is no evidence the aluminum is harmful

          1. Some years ago, this Walmart grease can, minus the strainer, was considered the ultimate lightweight cooking pot for backpackers. It paired well with an alcohol burner made from a pop can.


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              Yes, as an avid outdoorsman, I've seen a million videos using this as a budget cooking device. I'll stick to SS or titanium for backpacking though :)