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Apr 8, 2014 01:28 PM

Dorval/Pointe Claire for Sunday dinner

Meeting some friends from Ottawa before they fly out to Sunday night so place has to be close to the airport (no more than 15 minute drive away). They are chefs so want to find something more than run of the mill. Any suggestions? (preferably not at the airport, and one of them is on a gluten free diet to no Italian, I guess).

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  1. Smoke Meat Pete's, 283 1st ave., Ile Perrot.

    Definitely not sun of the mill. And arguably the best smoked meat in town.

    1. what about something Indian on Sources?

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      1. re: C70

        Post some recommended options

        1. re: williej

          Shahi Palace is amazing. 17 min. drive to the airport in no traffic according to Google Maps.