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Apr 8, 2014 01:20 PM

All-Clad 12 Inch skillet alternatives?

Hey all,

I'm trying to move away from a nonstick pan ( to a stainless steel pan. I'm currently running on an induction stove top, but will hopefully move into a gas grill at some point in the future.

I looked into the All Clad 51125 12 inch pan here:

Is there any alternatives that you guys suggest? I just want something that has great heat retention and even heating, and perhaps more cost effective. I don't use the dishwasher, either. Always hand cleaning.

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  1. I'm also open to a 10 inch pan as well.

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      I have All-clad, both 10 and 12 so I can't comment on something more cost effective. If I had to pick one, it would certainly be the 12", even though I am normally just cooking for 2. It's alway's better to have a little bigger skillet than needed than too small to get a good sear.

    2. Tramontina is a cost-effective clad alternative recommended by CI and many hounds---I haven't tried. But if you want heat retention (not responsiveness), there is nothing like cast iron. I recommend the 10-inch or 13-inch nickel-coated cast iron from Non-reactive, easy to clean, indestructible, no seasoning. Just remember that the handle is hot. That said, I would want a responsive fry pan as well, plus a non-stick for eggs only.

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        fortunately, I have a cast iron (:. I hear there are many types of Tramontinas. is there a specific one? I think there is specific one tested by America's test kitchen, but I could not find it on Amazon.

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          Sorry I don't have more information.

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            We bought ours at Walmart but seems now they only sell them on-line. I think if you designate a particular Walmart there is no shipping charge.

            We have had this pan for a out six years and it works well. The only annoying thing is that it does not come with a lid but I found a SS lid at Goodwill for a couple bucks.


            1. re: John E.

              Yes, on most products at, there is usually free shipping-to-store. And cash is possible too -- Just have to pay at the store within 24 hours of ordering online. It's quite convenient for us rare bred folks that like to use cash only for most things. And the free shipping is godsent.

        2. I agree with mwhimore that Tramontina is cost effective. Another choice is the Calphalone Triply pan. You will always see it on sale in stores ike TJ Maxx and Home Goods.

          If you want to spend more than All Clad, then you can look into Demeyere.

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              Yes, the one so called 41126 is a triply pan (three layers of metal). The one listed as DB55112 in the link is a 5-ply pan (5-layers of alternating metal).

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                  Very much marginal. All Clad claims that the d5 has better heat distribution than the regular All Clad triply cookware. In additional, the d5 line (the 5-ply line) has other benefits such as slightly more comfortable handle and pouring rim....etc.

            2. re: Chemicalkinetics

              We also have a couple Calaphon Tri-ply pans and they perform well. The thing is, I've only used All-Clad one time and that was just for heating up a glaze for a ham.

            3. The All-Clad pan in your link doesn't appear to be induction capable. I'm not aware of any Tramontina pans that are induction capable but I'm not really up on that brand. I know you said you're hopefully moving to gas but I'd buy a pan that works with what you have now. No point on buying a pan you can't use right away.

              I did a quick search on Amazon for induction capable skillets and this Emerilware ( which is made by All Clad) is cheaper and is 12 inches. I've never used his branded line so no endorsement implied. The only clad stainless I have that is induction capable is my All Clad D5


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                oops, I think I have that wrong. I have electric coils

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                  ahh ok well in that case, you don't need induction capability.

              2. just to note; I'm using electric coils, not induction. sorry! don't know how to edit on here