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Apr 8, 2014 01:02 PM

Any recreations for Peppone Restaurant's cauliflower recipes out there?

I went to Peppone's restaurant in Brentwood in LA the other night and we had the cauliflower (not on menu). It was perfectly cooks with some white lemony cream sauce and it was absolutely the best thing I ever ate (veg wise). I do not buy or like cauliflower but this OMG, I've gotta try to make it but of course I need a recipe. I am no way good and making up something I ate.

Does anyone have a re-created recipe for this?

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    1. re: Robin Joy

      No, it's in full form, not in florets either , a fork just cuts through it like butter and it feels soft like mash potatoes when you eat it (tender), melts in your mouth, . The sauce seem like it was soaked / cooked in this white cream sauce so you really don't taste cauliflower. It was not thick, maybe similar to a piccata sauce but white and creamy

      1. re: ThEater

        Sounds like the whole head has been steamed, and a reduction of the steaming liquid incorporated in a creamy sauce. Just my guess.

    2. Steam it, and try making a hollandaise or make a roux with butter and flour, and add lemon to taste…

      Some rave reviews for it…

      1. I asked last time I was there and this is what they said:
        1) Steam whole cauliflower head in chicken broth and herbs
        2) Sauce is a reduction of chicken broth, butter, white wine, garlic, lemon, and a small amount of flour (basically a piccata sauce).

        I tried this at home and it was really close...