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Apr 8, 2014 11:55 AM

Whole beef brisket?

Has anyone seen whole/packer brisket's @ Walmart? I used to get them from there, but haven't seen them the last few times I've looked. I used to go to Swanson's in S. Mpls., but their prices have gone up significantly at least to the public/non-restaurants. I know beef has gone up in general, but I seem to remember Walmart having them for around $2 a lb.

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  1. go to Restaurant Depot in Brooklyn Center (old best buy) off of 100. usually a membership club, free to businesses but BC city council made them be open to the public, great prices i joined when St Paul was their only location and dropped Costco! bring a jacket 70% of store is a walk in cooler.

    1. A much longer, still recent brisket thread here: