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Apr 8, 2014 10:42 AM

Fine Dining in or near Lancaster- Dinner Recs?

It is my 50th Bday, celebrating w/ my sister and my 18yo niece. We all enjoy fine dining, they are less adventurous than me and enjoy typical American cuisine, so, no, unfortunately, no ethnic food suggestions. I would love a restaurant with some ambiance, quiet and with good service. Not too stuffy but upscale. We can head toward Philly but would prefer something within 30 min of Lancaster. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.

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  1. Devon Seafood Grille in Hershey. Good selection of steaks as well. Been to this one as well as Philly and both are consistent. If you want to go towards Philly King of Prussia has lots to choose from. Enjoy your birthday!

    1. It has been a few years since we visited, but we loved the Olde Greenfield Inn. Not the most adventurous menu (which seems to fit the bill for your party), but the food was delicious. Service was excellent and it was a lovely, relaxing place for a special lunch. Still seems to get pretty good reviews.

      1. My favorite fine dining restaurants are all in downtown Lancaster and include the following in order of preference. Check out their websites to see what you would think appeals to you most:

        John J. Jeffries

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          Wow. This is my list in the same order, except I have not been to Gibraltar. But I'm not sure I would call any typical American cuisine which is why I hesitated recommending them. All may have some good basic items on the menu but are at their best if you're adventurous

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            Maybe I'm getting too hung up on the words "typical American", but when I read that I think of a place like The Log Cabin (As it once was, at least. I haven't been there in decades.) where a baked potato is offered. And you wouldn't find a baked potato at Maison, Citronelle, or JJJ.

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              Ok, that's fair. But I don't find the menus to have anything really outrageous. I know we are "hounds" at my house, but my kids have been to JJJ and Citronelle and had a wonderful experience at both. Gibraltar is a fairly typical seafood restaurant with Mediterranean leanings. But these are the places I think of when I think of "fine dining" especially in regards to food quality. I thought she meant not ethnic - as in not Japanese, Ethiopian, Indian, etc. (not that we have any places like that which are "fine dining" in Lancaster, anyway except, perhaps, the fine, private, dining they have available at El Serrano.)

              If I had to pick a place for steak and baked potato that also had a "fine dining" atmosphere, I guess I'd pick The Stockyard. I thought of including it on my original list, but I don't know why, I just don't think of it as a special occasion place.

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                I understand what you're saying. And I think that the original poster and relatives could probably find something on the menu at any of the three -- Maison, Citronnelle or JJJ -- and be happy.. My favorite meal at Maison, though, was Porchetta Di Testa (rolled sliced pig's head) followed by a pasta with rabbit ragu. And I have plenty of friends and relatives who would never consider eating either. The small menu at Maison can get smaller pretty quickly when you have food aversions or aren't up to trying something new/different. Citronnelle has a similarly small menu, but may be a bit safer, especially if French is not too "ethnic". JJJ has a larger menu, though many dishes have Asian or Mexican slants. But my parents have eaten at JJJ and been happy and they are not adventurous eaters.

        2. I think you'd enjoy Ma(i)son. I'd call it "fine dining" but in a relatively casual atmosphere. Ma(i)son is unique in many ways, all of them good. If you go, just know it's BYO -- a plus in my book.

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              GREAT review! Thanks for sharing.