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Apr 8, 2014 10:26 AM

Searching for 7D Dried Mangoes

Hi Everyone,

I'm searching for a store to buy 7D brand dried mangoes in the SF Bay Area and I'm striking out. I've tried placed like Filipino grocery stores and Ming Lee in SF Chinatown without luck.

Has anyone had any recent sightings?


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  1. These things are CRAZY GOOD, my sister brought some back from Hawaii. I'm in the Bay Area and the only place I was able to find them was online, via Amazon.

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    1. re: Bunson

      On the topic of crazy good dried fruit, I picked up some of Uncle Mikey's dried pineapple in Kauai last month. I didn't try them until I got back to the Bay Area. As soon as I had one I immediately wished I had bought more. Available online at $30 a pound, which is pricey. They don't add sugar and the flavor is intense.

    2. i think i've seen them at costco in HI
      check with your local costco

      1. OK, thanks everyone for the help!

        1. So just an update for everyone. I did end up finding these…on Kauai: Big Save Market (5516 Koloa Rd, Koloa, HI 96756). $2 and change per bag.