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Apr 8, 2014 09:38 AM

Passover in Hilton Head?

My family and I will be traveling to Hilton Head Island for spring break. We do not keep kosher but would like to have Passover dinner somewhere. Is there anywhere within 30 minutes of Hilton Head Island that will be serving Passover dinner? It does not need to be traditional - a few years ago we had Seder at Rosa Mexicano in DC. Any suggestions would be appreciated. So far, I may have stumped the concierge at our hotel but he is still looking.

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  1. You can ask on the Kosher board. People there will have more familiarity with kosher travel.

    Also, there's a Chabad presence in MB (like just about anywhere else). You can get in touch with Chabad of Myrtle Beach

    There's a tab on their home page saying "Passover Accomodations" and they are holding community seders. There are many Israelis in MB, too, but it wouldn't surprise me if many of them went to Chabad for the seders.

    Temple Emanu-El is also hosting a seder

    There is a kosher restaurant in MB but I'm pretty sure that they'll close for chag.

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      Myrtle Beach and Hilton Head are 3 and 1/2 hours apart.

      1. re: carolinadawg

        Thanks to both of you but it sounds like Myrtle Beach is too far - any other suggestions?

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            You may still want to contact Chabard Myrtle Beach. They may know of some options available for you in Hilton Head.

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              My mother is attending this Seder, and has in the past.

              It is usually well attended, sold out, so I'd suggest calling quickly.

              Maybe they'll get a cancellation and be able to accommodate you.

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            Sorry. I saw one thing and read what I was expecting to see.

            I still stand by the suggestion to ask on the Kosher board. The deadline for registering for Beth Yam's seder was yesterday, but you can always call them.

              1. re: carolinadawg

                Thanks again for the suggestions - I will check with the MB Chabad - or perhaps there is a closer Chabad in Savannah - but we are not really looking for a formal Seder and Kosher is not an issue. The funny thing is that I called Beth Yam yesterday and they did not have any restaurant suggestions or mention the Seder.

                We are really just looking for a restaurant not necessarily Kosher style or that has special Passover style menu - but maybe place that serves matzo ball soup.

                Just as an FYI This is the non-kosher Passover menu at Rosa Mexicano

                If there are any Hilton Head restaurant owners on this board - there may be an opportunity!

                1. re: noTime2cook

                  If you just want matzoh all soup, Gruby's deli in HH could provide that and some other traditional foods, deli/takeout.

                  Serg Group, which is catering the bBethYam Seder operates a number of restaurants inthe area. Maybe they'd be willing to provide your soup at another of their restaurants. I think Skull Creek Boathouse would be your best choice.