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Apr 8, 2014 09:27 AM

Suggestions for lunching solo in popular restaurant ?

the last solo i had in a steakhouse was spoiled by the corporate lunchers, the waiters didn't pay any attention to my single table and the place was very noisy.

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  1. You'll do better with responses if you give us a little more detail.

    What is your price range?
    What kind of food(s) do you like?
    What neighborhood(s)?
    Is this for a specific date or are you looking for multiple recommendations?

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    1. re: Spiritchaser

      open to everything,preferably a popular chef restaurant (Carmellnini, Flay, Batali, etc.)

      1. re: lindabakka

        Del Posto
        Jean Georges
        Boulud Sud
        Ristorante Morini

          1. re: lindabakka

            I haven't been to Becco in years but recall it as being very noisy.

            Try Felidia or Esca instead. Both are also owned by the Batali/Bastianich group.

            1. re: peter j

              Felidia's bar is not very conducive for dining imo. I love the restaurant but the physical qualities of the bar best for a drink. There is a lip border on bar which makes it uncomfortable to dine as well as all the people passing in such close proximity-you feel like it's a hallway.

          2. re: lindabakka

            I've dined solo at almost all of the best restaurants in NYC (both at Chefs' counters and at tables). Just pick where you want to go and make a reservation. If you like steak, I highly recommend American Cut for solo dining where I was treated wonderfully! Also treated very well at Michael White's Costata.

        1. That's why I like sitting at the bar when I am solo --at a table, even if you are not really being ignored, it can kind of feel that way.