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Apr 8, 2014 08:02 AM

Thrillist's Top 8 Dim Sum Places in LA?

OK. This is so debatable. I don't see Empress Harbor being the best cart dim sum.... especially when I've had better at NBC Seafood (and the ground beef used at Empress Harbor has a funny taste and texture). Unless well off, I wouldn't recommend Hakkasan. I'd suggest Pingtung Eat-In Market. And Chynna for dim sum? Thoughts anyone?

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  1. I wasn't that impressed with my weekday excursion to Lunasia. I'd probably rate it 4th behind Elite, Sea Harbor and King Hua.

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    1. re: JAB

      To be 4th on that list isn't too shabby... Is it that... good?

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          my take on it is that if good cart dim sum is a 7 in terms of quality and freshness, elite & sea harbor are comfortably in the 9's, while lunasia & king hua are at least in the mid 8's, but when you factor in portion sizes, king hua & lunasia score a little higher; things like ha gao and siu mai are noticeably larger. such an order might be 50-75% more by price, but you're also getting more in volume. so 2 orders of one thing might prove more satisfying than 3 orders of the same thing from a cart place at roughly the same price. i find it notable that what i spend at king hua or lunasia is a lot closer to what i spend at a cart place than what i might spend at elite or sea harbor.

    2. IMHO the items in these lists are more "slapped on" than actually researched and vetted. It's intended to create controversy (thereby piquing interest / clicks).

      Marketing, baby, marketing...

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        You mean marketing for the writer, yes? Otherwise, methinks you give the "journalist" far too much credit.

        I like Lunasia, but I wouldn't call it the best. And the food there has never been "transcendent," IMO.

      2. Clarissa seems to move from one venue to the next promoting her opinions. Sometimes she is right. Other times, I don't get it.

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        1. re: mc michael

          She's been pretty consistent in her praise of Lunasia.

        2. Like you say, it's debatable. Didn't see anything at all offensive. Price aside, Hakkasan is a great choice. Price included, you'll never see me there again.

          1. It's not a bad list. Everyone has their own preferences. I would have ranked NBC higher than Empress Harbor, but to each their own.