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Apr 8, 2014 07:40 AM

Shelsky's smoked fish - home made matzoh?

Saw its available on good egg for 20/box (8oz?) - im not terribly concerned about it being kosher (and im assuming its not) though it is crazy pricey (i dont live far and assume i could get it in the store for - slightly - less money)

has anyone tried it in years past?

is this crazy? like buying artisinal cardboard?

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  1. $20 a box for half a pound is not cardboard, it's way overboard.

    Get the fullest experience and a choice of numerous "shmura" matzohs from Williamsburg or Kensington/Boro Park or Lakewood or even Russia at one of the huge kosher stores near 39th Street. Gonna be crowded.

    Should run no more than $25 for the FULL pound. You can also score boxes of broken or burnt cakes for less. One bakery worth going to is Shatzer's on Cortelyou between East 2nd & 3rd Sts. "F" train to Ditmas or last stop on the B67 or B69.

    1. if you're not that concerned about kashrut, why not just make it yourself. what makes matzoh kosher for passover is simply keeping the whole production under 18 minutes from the time the water hits the flour. so, just mix water and flour and whatever herbs you want, knead it, roll it out and pop it in the oven at a high temp. it's easy, fun and tastes great. as long as you make it in small batches so that the unused dough doesn't sit on the countertop rising and as long as your oven and prep area and tools are kosher for passover and as long as it takes less than 18 minutes, it'll be kosher for passover, more or less. of course, if you're a stickler, there's the problem of where to get kosher for passover flour, which is pretty much impossible if you don't have a connection to the pro matzoh making world. but if you're not that concerned about these details, just try to keep it to under 18 minutes, roll it out super thin and you'll be fine. you'll have more matzoh than you know what to do with for under $5.