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Apr 8, 2014 06:58 AM

Mama Nora's Peruvian chicken opening in Cary. Anybody been?

Just saw it the other day. According to their website, this would be the third location.

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    1. re: carolinadawg

      That si what i get for not reading the sign carefully. Thanks.

    2. Most people I know that have been to the joints in Raleigh and Durham love it. I haven't been in some time. Simple, cheap and to the point.

      1. It's awesome and a good deal. Go!

        1. I had heard about that… I'm not sure the demographics support a Cary location. I could be wrong, though.

          I've eaten a couple of times at the Raleigh location. The food was quite flavorful and good, but I did think the portion were a tad on the skimpy side for the price.

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          1. re: Tehama

            Skimpy? Are we eating at the same restaurant? I've more or less stopped going there because the portions are far too large for lunch. I do really like their chicken, though.

            1. re: rockycat

              Yeah, for $8.50 you get half a chicken and two sides. Really enough food for two people.

            2. re: Tehama

              The only time that I felt it was skimpy was ordering a 1/4 chicken dark meat. The person I was with got the 1/4 white and must of had twice the amount of meat.

              1. re: chazzer

                Interesting. The first time I went I ordered a small chicken soup and I want to say it was like $4.50 (that time was probably a year ago, so don't quote me on it). They brought me the tiniest container I've seen (basically a little larger than you would put a side of mayonnaise in) and said that indeed was the "small" soup size. I just couldn't understand how they were charging $4.50 for 2 TBL of soup.

                The next time I went I got the 1/4 chicken and left still hungry.

                I must have just had some bad luck. I'll have to go back; I thought the food itself was quite nice.

              2. re: Tehama

                Strange that the new location is being listed as "Cary" when it is truly in Morrisville.

                1. re: Tehama

                  Not sure where you normally eat or how much but there's no way the servings are way.
                  I usually get the whole chicken, sides of fried yuca and plaintains and can eat 3-=4 meals. I also treat myself to the flan which is to die for and the best I've had anywhere and I used to live in Ecuador :)

                2. Triangle Food Guy reports they are targeting a June 1 opening for this location.

                  I too love Mami Nora's and agree that it's a good value.