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Apr 8, 2014 05:27 AM

Anthony's Coal Fired Pizza in Fair Lawn

I know Anthony's is a mini-chain, but since their presence is limited to Florida and some Northeast states, I figured it would be OK to talk about them here. Anthony's is the first restaurant to open in the new Fair Lawn Promenade. I went to the one in Clifton once, and I really enjoyed the place, so I'm glad there's now one much closer to me.

Anthony's bakes all their food in a coal oven. Their menu is limited, but the food is darn good. The pizzas have a nice char with good sauce and cheese. Their meatballs are the best I've had in a restaurant, and are served with fresh ricotta, delicious focaccia, and marinara sauce. I tried their ribs last night too, deliciously charred pork ribs served with a pepper medley. They also offered a free wing sample, and the wings were tasty too.

They offer some specials on certain days. On Mondays, they offer half off craft beers. On Wednesdays, they do something called Martinis and Meatballs, where you supposedly get unlimited meatballs if you buy a martini.

I was surprised at how small the Fair Lawn location is. It's about 1/3 or 1/4 the size of Clifton. It is very nice inside, with nicely spaced tables and chairs, a nice (but small) bar, and tons of HDTVs. My only fear is that the location will not be large enough to handle the eventual demand, leading to more seats being squished in. After all, a modern shopping center like this is a first for Fair Lawn, and the center is going to contain a lot of restaurants new to the area (Noodles and Company, California-based Habit Burger, Qdoba, and other shops).

One caveat if you're planning to zip out in the next few days to check them out: the local roads providing access to the shopping center have not been open yet, meaning the only entrance and exit to the Promenade right now is through 208 North. A bit of a PITA.

Anthony's is a bit more expensive than the local 'za joint, but it's quality food. They're a welcome addition to the area.

P.S. The Fair Lawn location is having its Grand Opening Celebration on Wed. April 9. Dan Marino, who is a partner in the chain, will be there.

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  1. Thanks but I'll stick with A Mano in nearby Ridgewood

    1. I've always enjoyed Anthonys. I've been to the original down in Fla, and the one in Edison. The wings are the pinnacle of the coal oven wings imo

      1. If they add more seats they will be in violation of both the zoning approval they received (approval includes # of seats) as well as local fire laws and regulations. Adding seats=being shut down.

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          That's good to know, as I hate being squished like a sardine in a restaurant (a la Allendale Bar & Grill). I went to the place again yesterday, primarily just for kicks and to see Dan Marino. He was there when I arrived, chatting and signing autographs. It wasn't too busy when I got there, but the crowd built as time went on.

          It was a nice day yesterday, and the bar actually opens to the outside. A nice touch. I also tried the Eggplant Marino, which was excellent.

          A very nice addition to the area.