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Breakfast: Beautys

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I've heard wonderful things on this board about Beautys. Got a few questions, though:

Where is it located?
How long can I expect to wait on a weekend at about 10am?
What's good on the menu? Anything to avoid?

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  1. BEAUTY'S: 930 Mont-Royal W. Montréal Tel : 514-849-8883.

    I like to go with the "mishmash" for breakfast.

    To be honest, this is not my favorite breakfast joint in Montreal. It definitely has a long history, but you can get a much better deal elsewhere.

    If you do not have any grease allergies, then you should pay a visit to "Cosmo's" on Sherbrooke st. West, before Royal. It's basically a counter, although they have tables set up outside during the Summer. Now THEY know how to make a MishMash, although "The Creation" is also excellent. For far less than $10, you will have a breafast to remember.

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      Location of Beauty's: It's on Rue Mont-Royal; take the Metro to Mont-Royal, then take the Rue Mont-Royal bus west (toward mountain). It's just a few blocks before the mountain (Mont Royal); ask the bus driver.

      menu: I really liked the mishmosh omelet with trademark Montreal bagels; you might also want to get a smoothy

      10AM: could be a wait on weekends; we went earlier

      Comments: I loved Beauty's when I was there, it's a real throwback to an earlier time, incredibly well run, comfortable, with good food.

      Another great breakfast place: L'Avenue, also on Rue Mont-Royal but this time 2-3 blocks east of Mont-Royal Metro (does not accept credit cards); get the two eggs (comes with delicious potatoes, fruit, bread or bagel, a really full plate

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        I definitely agree with Gordon... After a few bad experiences I stopped going to Beauty's altogether. The food is average and the manager (Larry) is a complete ass. Notice how he kicks people out when they're still eating -- gotta crank in more business! I'm not surprised that many other people I know have also stopped going. The lineups will die out in a couple years, and so will this formerly good restaurant. For a much better experience, go to Chez Cora, Avenue, Cosmos, Republique, just to name a few. All more reasonably priced -- and you can finish your meal and your coffee refill without getting pushed out the door.

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          I've only bothered going to Beauty's twice - found it to be a major rip-off and the service was bad too, so it got crossed off my list pretty quickly.

          Take Gordon's advice and go to Cosmo's instead - it will rock your world and is about half the price of Beauty's (though it only has 11 seats in winter, so be prepared to queue up a bit, and best to wait till summer for groups larger than 2). The old-school atmosphere and the nice family that runs it make a trip to Cosmo's way more special than your average Cora's (or Beauty's).

        2. Super Beautys 2 or the Beauty's Special which is a bagel, lox, cream chesse and tomato.

          Sckolnick family is there everyday supervising. Very special place.

          1. Beauty's is very good, but after all it's only a diner,
            not a shrine. isnt it strange that we think of something as simple as a real food cooking diner now as something amazing. fake foods are taking over everywhere else these days. go to Denny's sometime and you'll see.

            i had a delicious real waffle with two eggs when i was there. most places these days reheat (read microwave) and even deep fry those 'rubber' waffles they buy from the food factories in Siberia or somewhere. god knows what's in them.

            1. I went there with my girl friend one saturday morning, there was a clueless old man sitting at the door, and his son, the owner. I ordered a 9$ piece of french toast, with sirup that had more water than maple in it, terrible, I ordered the eggs, disgusting, I ordered pancakes, and they crumbled in my fork, I asked for my money back for the pancakes…the waitress, who couldn’t have more than a 40 IQ walked to the owner…the owner and the extemely old man, looked at us together, with disgust, and shook their heads…waitress comes back, and says, “the pancakes are good, you can’t get your money back” disgusting attitude, disgusting service, and the worst breakfast I’ve had in over a decade. These guys won’t get away with this much longer. I left there disgusted, paying 50$ for the worst breakfast I’ve EVER eaten,

              Everyone that goes there, hasn’t got a clue, they’re all over 60 and they’ve never tasted a good breakfast in their lives.

              SAVE YOUR MONEY.

              These guys are crooks, hoping they’re old reputation sticks…

              Save your time and money, these guys pray to rip off tourists and clueless regulars.


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                I agree. If you like queues, being rushed and potatoes that are amazingly both burnt and undercooked, by all means, get yourself to Beauty's as soon as possible.

              2. Gonna have to agree with what's been said. This place is nothing but an ugly diner living off its reputation. The lineup is long, the service is poor, the staff are rude, the place is tiny, crowded, and the food is boring. My friends and I go out for breakfast all the time; we've tried dozens of places and never have we been so utterly blown away by a poor experience.

                It started off well. The "old man" at the front door was very friendly while we were waiting in line. Once we were seated the fun was over.

                I hate to be one of those people. In fact, I'm not one of those people. This was a special case. If you want more info feel free to send me a message.

                1. I lived two blocks from Beauty's back in 1998-2000. They had this little sign for soup and a bagel for takeout at lunch. It was 3 bucks I think. The soups were really good and the bagels were Viateur or Fairmount (probably Viateur, although we all know Fairmount are way better) . A real deal. We always had friendly staff serving us too. It's left me a great memory of the restaurant since it's always been a total rip off for sit down food.

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                    its crowded for the same reason chez cora is crowded. their clientel just dont know better

                  2. I would suggest you go to La Cantine, 212 Mont Royal East, if you're looking for a delicious brunch in the neighbourhood. Brunch is only served Saturdays & Sundays, although there is talk of making it 7/7. It's a 5 minute walk from Beautys, and a much tastier experience,

                    1. Another choice is Dusty's on Parc Avenue a few steps north of Mt Royal. Inconveniently, there's no sign identifying it.

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                        If you are looking for a diner-style breakfast in the neighborhood, then I have to second Dusty's. The food is honest (and you can watch them make it), the floor staff are all local students, and Peter, who may seem gruff and cranky, is fair and a nice guy.

                        As for more "brunchy" type fare, there have got to be a hundred quite decent choices nearby.

                      2. I'm a bit surprised at all the hate for Beauty's. I've been quite a few times over the years and would agree that it's a bit pricy and may not live up to the hype, but I've always found the staff friendly and polite. Yeah, there can be lineups but I find Montreal in general has crazy long lineups for brunch. I find the food dependably decent - not amazing, but certainly better than Dusty's (although I do like the atmosphere at Dusty's), and perhaps more consistent than Bagel, etc. But I am happy to read on this thread about all the new brunch places to try...

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                          If you want a suggestion for another place to have brunch, and you are willing to walk about 10 minutes from Beauty's, I recommend le Pistou Déjeuner. It's on de la Roche, just south of Mont Royal Av. They're open every day, and they have great crepes, eggs benedict, smoothies, etc.

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                            I'm also surprised (and a bit suspicious) of the hate shown to Beauty's here. I'm a part-time Montrealer, and have been going to Beauty's regularly for years -- and have never had a bad experience or a bad breakfast. Stak's take is quite correct -- a down-side is that it will cost you a couple of dollars more at Beauty's then it will at Dusty's or Bagels, etc. (which I also enjoy, and which are direct rivals of Beauty's). Nearly the entire wait staff and the short order cooks have all been with the place for years, and have always been friendly and attentive. (They tell me that they really enjoy working there, too.) I've also never been bothered by the breakfast/brunch lineups because — (here's a little tip for the haters) — I arrive before 9AM. No lines. Friendly staff. Tasty food. Good (albeit pricey) coffee for a diner.

                          2. I've had some of the best pancakes I've ever eaten in my life at Beauty's, and some of the most medicore pancakes I've ever eaten in my life at Beauty's. The bagel with cream cheese and lox was sort of hohum, I thought, but the standard breakfast with eggs, bacon, etc. is always a safe bet.

                            1. I am also surprised at the vitriol here. Beauty's is very consistent. Service is lovely, I've never been rushed out except by my own sense of courtesy for others in line. The coffee is much better than in other neighbourhood joints. And they have all the classic menu items done well -- blintzes, choc chip pancakes, nice omelettes. Look, it's not fancy stuff, but it's a classic done well. It doesn't purport to be anything else.

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                                I would tend to agree with your assessment, except for the coffee, which I find so-so, but at least it is fresh because of the high turnover. I don't hate Beauty's, it is reasonable. I won't stand in line for very long for it though, usually not a problem as I tend to go early for brunch. I have a relative who visits often, and they love Beauty's, I won't refuse to go. I wouldn't call it a destination brunch place, unless you are really into Montreal history and institutions and like the vibes of some of these old-school places. But what they do is classic and reasonably well-done.

                                I suspect some of the vitriol is disappointment in a long-standing institution. With such a reputation, it can be hard for a place to live up to the rep. Some of the rep is based on nostalgia, there are a lot of people who remember going there with their families, how can you blame them for having a love of a childhood favorite? But for a newbie, is it the best brunch you'll ever have? maybe not. But it is certainly reasonable.

                              2. Does anyone know if they sell gift certificates?

                                1. If I were in the same neighbourhood, I'd go to Bagels ETC. on St-Laurent and Marianne. Much better food, still has a bit a lineup and still has that old Jewish deli style. Have never had bad eggs or coffee there. The Huevos Rancheros are excellent. Better service and better food!