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Apr 7, 2014 05:50 PM

Lehigh Valley Eats


I will be moving to Lehigh Valley right near Dorney Park in July. I will be out that way for about a year and would like to compile a list of places to hit up while there. I eat everything (literally) The stranger the better. But really into authentic ethnic eats. I realize this area is probably not the best for that but it is what it is. I enjoy cheap, hidden, hole in the wall places but occasionally will splurge. My list thus far in no particular order:

Wert's Cafe

Ethnic markets/grocers:
Vinh chau - asian grocery store

Also looking for any good farms/farmers markets/delis/etc to get some quality smoked meats, pickled goods, and cheeses. Ive been to and enjoyed the stuff i got from:
Dietrich's Meats - Krumsville

Any help at all would be great

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  1. For farmers Markets, the Allentown Farmers Market is a must. Open Thurs-Saturday, with many good butchers/produce stands.
    Renningers, just south of Kutztown is also worth a trip. Open Saturdays only. Dietrichs has a stand there-although not as great a selection as at their store.
    Calandra's cheese on 191 just north of Nazareth has excellent fresh mozzarella and ricotta.

    1. I'm rarely in that area, but I'll throw out a few ideas for others to comment on.

      Aci Halal Meat & Turkish Restaurant (Allentown): Stopped in here for lunch once and had a kebab sandwich which was really, really good. Looking forward to going back for dinner.

      Soumaya & Sons Bakery (Whitehall): Going to try to stop by here this weekend on my way through for takeout. Looks great from what I've read.

      Taqueria El Carreton (Reading): Got some tacos here when I was killing time in Reading one day and they were great. The Beef Cheek and the Chroizo were my favorites. The other food I saw coming out looked interesting. Can't wait to try this place again.