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Apr 7, 2014 04:28 PM

Locking flavor into braised or stewed meat.

Years ago, I read that the temperature of the cooking liquid when added to meat to be braised or stewed determines whether the meat or the liquid will have the most flavor. Of course, I can't remember which was which. Is there any truth to this? Seems with beef in particular, the meat is never as flavorful as the jus.

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  1. I think browning your meat is more determinative of the flavor quotient of your meat than the braising liquid temperature.

    1. Here's a good summary. I don't use this exact method, but I'm not the master cook!

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        Thanks, everyone. Rudeboy, thanks for that link. I'm thinking the one thing in that summary that I don't do that might help is laying a piece of parchment directly on the braise. I'll make a note to do that the next time. I also bookmarked that page.

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          Based on my reading, MrsJonesey and applgrl, ,the parchment is supposed to protect from acidity in the marinade.

          Funny, my daughter's name is Abigail and I call her apple girl all the time!

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            Yes, that was the reason for its use in that article, but I've also seen it recommended to aid in a more flavorful and/or tender product.

      2. There is no such thing.

          1. Meat never as flavorful as the jus? I've never encountered this.

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              If the jus is concentrated, it will have more flavour. If it's dilute, the meat will.

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                Yes, I agree. The meat is much more flavorful if taken out just short of done, sliced and returned to a skimmed and reduced pot of braising liquid to finish. Better than that, let it sit in the liquid, sliced, overnight and finish it the next day for an hour warming in it.