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Apr 7, 2014 04:20 PM

Thoughts on Tirpse and L'Effervescence?

Hi - I waited until the last minute to book meals for an upcoming trip to Tokyo (mistake!) and have not been able to reserve at any of my first choices (Takazawa, etc.)

Currently I've been able to get reservations at Tirpse and L'Effervescence (also trying for Anis). Any recent feedback on these? Any I should just avoid? I'm a big fan of modern french so these stood out....


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  1. Anyone?

    Which would you pick between Tirpse, L'Effervescence and Anis?

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    1. re: chlorinedream

      The room is far better looking at L'Eff, and Tirpse is still young and awkward, but for my money the dishes that are really excellent at Tirpse are worth far more than the stream of just-above-mediocre at L'Eff. Ymmv.