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Apr 7, 2014 04:14 PM

Aquavit Tokyo?

I ate here in 2009 and had a really great dining experience (it was actually on Thanksgiving). I'm going to be returning to Tokyo soon. Has anyone been to Aquavit Tokyo recently? There's so little online about it. Any recent experiences appreciated!


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    1. Yes. I went last Tuesday. Changed a bit but still good. Worth visiting if you are in the mood for modern Scandinavian. No idea how they make money (it is huuuge, with lots of staff on prime real estate, and only half full) - maybe weddings on the weekends, a licence to print money in Japan, but in any event, if you liked it in 2009 you will still like it. The changes are minimal over theast 5 years, and quality is consistent.

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        Cool, thanks. I had the same impression back in 2009. It was great but the restaurant was half empty.