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Apr 7, 2014 04:13 PM

Fun new restaurants in London?

Looking for fun "new" restuarants, perhaps something similar to Balthazar. Has anyone tried Jean George Spice market? Something lively with a buzz ... and also good food! Thanks in advance

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  1. Going to this place near our hotel in Shoreditch in May. Sounds great.

    1. Are you only looking for offshoots of NYC places?

      1. PhilD that is so funny nyc was just a way to describe it. Interesting I phrased it that way.

        Open foe auggestions

        1. The Wolseley and the Delaunay certainly have a buzz in an old school way.

          The Clove Club is very buzzy in a "hip, modern, men with fashionable beards" way and excellent food.

          Polpetto, 10 Greek Street also lively places.

          Looks as though you're looking for something inherently quite difficult to define. Spice Market does not get good reports, although never been myself.

          1. Are you asking for Buzz as in attention from the media or as in the hum of lots of conversations bouncing off walls?

            Polpetto certainly qualifies for the noisy definition. Happily, the food is delicious and the servers are knowledgeable and attentive. However, between the noise and the impossibly closely spaced tables, I wouldn't rush to go back there as a destination. I'd likely eat there again if in the neighborhood.

            I didn't find 10 Greek Street to be noisy at all. This was one of my favorites on a previous visit. Interesting combinations of flavor that work and precise cooking. Entire staff that takes pride in the quality of the food and makes excellent recommendations. They will chat about the sources of food if you wish and will leave you alone if you prefer. We got involved in a lovely conversation with the owner. We're likely to repeat a meal there on our upcoming trip even though this trip will be very brief and there are new names on our list that are creating great anticipation.