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Apr 7, 2014 04:10 PM

First time - 2 dinners & 2 lunches (from Toronto)

Hi All,

Coming from Toronto for two days later this week - I'd be interested in a few recommendations on either 1) something would be hard pressed/impossible to find its equal in Toronto, and/or 2) something standout. 3) Probably not Chinese (unless I'm ridiculous in omitting this cuisine)

As I'm there for business, there is a good chance the meals will be solo.

How does Kingyo Vancouver stack against Toronto's? Is it recommended for the type of restaurant?

Vij for Indian?

Anything else?

I'll be downtown focused, willing to take short cab rides if necessary.


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  1. You might want to consider Yew at the Four Seasons for some really nice seafood. Le Le Crocodile for classical French. Bishops's for locally sourced products prepared with skill.

    1. Vij's equates 'fusion' equates waste of time-you could do much better.

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      1. re: Sam Salmon

        Thanks - Do you say this because it doesn't taste good or that it isn't "authentic"?

        1. re: stevedominic

          Both plus service sucks and the place is hot as the hinges on the doors of hell.

          1. re: Sam Salmon

            I've had nothing but exemplary service at Vij's. Sam obviously holds a grudge.

            1. re: peter.v

              Sam calls 'em as he sees 'em-not everyone drinks the Vij koolaid.

              1. re: Sam Salmon

                What flavor is their Kool-Aid ? Cardomom ?

      2. I'm not familiar with TO's dining scene but If you're a sushi guy consider Octopus Garden. It is just across the Burrard St Bridge - a short jaunt from downtown. I wouldn't go at rush hour however as the bridge is down to one lane southbound right now.

        A few of my fave downtown lunch spots are
        -Cafe Medina (right beside Chambar which is a great spot for dinner/ same owners)
        -La Taqueria (hole in the wall - great tacos)
        -Meat and Bread (porchetta sandwich!)

        For dinner I like
        -Blue Water Cafe (fine dining - great bar for solo dining)

        For a drink/snack:
        -Alibi Room (great beer selection here)

        1. The only things my sister misses and complains about in terms of food when it comes to Van vs. TO are Japanese Food (especially Ramen) & the West Coast Seafood.

          When she comes home for a visit we feast on Sushi, Ramen, Izakaya, Sable Fish, Dungeness Crab, and if in season Alaskan King Crab & Spot Prawns.

          My Recommendations and all in Downtown or close to it:

          Lunches: Santouka (My sis swears the one in Toronto doesn't taste right) and Marutama for Ramen. Good for Solo dinning.

          Sushi: Miko, Miku/Minami for JUST Aburi sushi, Octopus Garden

          Izakaya: I would do a Izakaya Crawl as the Guus, Zakkushi, Kingyo are all within a few blocks of one another. Aki for Robata, especially the Sable Fish.

          For Seafood in a non Asian preparation: Yew at the Four Seasons & Blue Water Cafe

          The only other recommendation is Forage. They showcase ingredients that they forage and as a result are very local to Vancouver. The concept may not be unique to Vancouver, but the ingredients should be.

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          1. re: moyenchow

            also Fable Kitchen, on West Fourth, near Burrard. Easy transit from downtown, on the #4 or #44 bus

            1. re: moyenchow

              I go to Forage just for the beer (decent selection as far as Robson St. is concerned) and the amazing Popcorn & Cracklings bar snack (duck fat popcorn with duck cracklings and pork rinds).