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Apr 7, 2014 04:02 PM

Sunday evening feasts and Monday evening dinner deals in Toronto

On Sunday evening, we were craving lasagne or roast beef and came up with Porzia as our only good idea. However, we wanted to eat at 5 pm, and Porzia only opens at 6 so we postponed that plan.

Where else serves a memorable, delicious, special menu on Sundays (e.g. roast dinner, or a prix fixe, or a family meal), and/or discounts on amazing food on Mondays?

(We ended up at Barque but regretted the $30 per person family meal. So, please, Hounds, don't suggest places with mediocre or below-average food in its category.)

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  1. Nota Bene has $2 oysters or $16 for 6+Hoegaarden on Monday and Tuesday evenings.

    1. The Beechtree Cafe on Kingston Rd has a roast beef dinner every Sunday, along with the rest of their menu. Great little place - good food & service.

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      1. The Miller Tavern, at Yonge St. and York Mills Rd., offers a prime rib dinner from 4 p.m. on Sundays (and Saturdays as well). In three sizes, starting at $25 for 10 ounces. Includes mashed potatoes, veggies and Yorkshire pudding. Whether it qualifies as "delicious", "memorable", "amazing" or even a good deal, as the OP requested, I knoweth not, because I've never sampled it. But the Miller, which I drop in to occasionally - it's just a five-minute drive from my lodgings - usually does reasonably well with basic dishes like prime rib, steaks and such. Not so much "amazing", more like "satisfying" - if you stay with the tried and true menu items. Spacious, comfortable upstairs dining room overlooks a park. Good service. Attached free parking lot. Reasonably priced wine list (for uptown Yonge St.), with $1 corkage on Mondays.

        1. The Queen and Beaver and Oxley both have a Sunday evening roast menu - you can pre-order for a group of 5+ or they have more limited options a la carte such as roast beef/yorkshire pudding. Sundays only. I have found quality is good. Not really a special price though.

          Big Crow has had the Hibernation special all winter for $24.99 Sunday thru Wed (I think). Very big portions for the price and IMHO it beats Barque quite handily. Not sure how long it goes.

          Zucca has a good prix fixe that is available Sundays and Mondays. I have always found it to be a good value.

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            The new Brooklyn Tavern at Queen and Leslie does a Sunday roast beef dinner. Not sure the cost but it's on my list to try.

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              I found the Hibernation to be VERY good value on my visit - and worth every penny. Even the sides/starters. Could've eaten those alone.

            2. Canteen has a Sunday Roast Dinner but I am not sure of the details. Just seen the poster when heading to Lightbox