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Chicken Pot Pies?

Hi ya'll! Anyone know where to get a great (homeade) personal or family sized chicken pot pie? I'm thinking one of LA's butcher shops may make them from scratch and sell them? Love me a good pot pie. I used to get Trader Joes, but they aren't as good as they used to be. I recently bought a Blakes Natural Chicken Pot Pie from Whole Foods, and it was great, just a little on the small side. Thanks!!

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  1. huntington meats/farmers market, smallish but tasty

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      Seconded. Delicious pies, I just wish they had veggies in them.

    2. The pies from The Larder at Tavern are large enough for 2 and tasty

      1. Republic of Pie, North Hollywood makes a great one.

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            Wood Spoon, Wood Spoon, Wood Spoon. Never had a better pot pie.

          2. Clementine's has really good ones. They come in two sizes....individual and family.

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              +1 on Clementine's. The individual one can feed two if you have a salad or something else to accompany it. I also like to take home their braised brisket. Another case of individual one feeding two.

            2. This may be far, but I Like Pie Bakeshop in Claremont has a pretty damn good CPP. The other pies are pretty putrid, at least the sweet ones I had but the CPP was damn good.

              1. Wow awesome!! Thanks C'Hounders!!!!!

                1. Thursday night Musso & Frank's special.

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                      Yes single pie, but expensive. I believe it's $22.

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                        It's actually a very old school pie. Very larger served in a ceramic pie plate. It only has a top crust and it is them poured over on your plate so the top crust is at the bottom. Not quite the experience like Woodspoon, but still very good.


                  1. Marmalade and the Daily Grill.

                    1. Trader Joe's refrigerated chicken pot pies (not the frozen) are as good as any of the better pies I have had in restaurants. Surprisingly delicious.

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                        I've seen those, and they look great, but I'm partial to the crust being on the bottom as well as the top (that's the best part!) and theTJ's one loooks like it's just the crust on top?

                      2. And for a great bargain....and a surprisingly good, albeit very large pie....Costco's fits the bill.

                        1. The old standby is Moffett's Pie Shop in Arcadia. I've had theirs at the counter and it's good; I think Henry Moffett's (same family, but they fell out) in Bellflower was better, but that got bulldozed several years ago. The people eating there trend even older than I am, but there's a line out the door most days for frozen pies to go. $3 each for chicken, $3.75 for all white meat. I told'em I'd pay that for all dark … They have beef pies too for $3.30 each, and special pricing for multi-packs and combo packs. These are ready to bake. You can get a full chicken-pie dinner there w/ soup or salad, potatoes and gravy, veg, bread & butter and dessert for $10.15. Other entrées, burgers etcetera as well. Google it and get their website. I haven't had any for a year or three, but I thought it was pretty good, just a lot more than I want to eat for lunch nowadays.

                          1. Clementine's, and on Thursdays Musso & Frank's has THE best pot pie and it's bigger than your head.