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Greenspan's Grilled Cheese Opens Friday

After a very long wait Eric Greenspan's Grilled Cheese opens this Friday April 11th. 7461 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90046 Nice menu:
Classic – white bread with American Cheese $3

Champ – raisin walnut bread / tallegio / beef short ribs / apricot caper puree / dried tomato $9 (this was the Grilled Cheese Festival winner).

Johnny Apple Cheese aka Johnny Pastrami-sourdough / aged white cheddar / apple mustard chutney / pastrami $7

Buffalo Blue – rye bread / blue cheese / spicy carrot-celery slaw / fried chicken tenders $7

The Med – challah bread /goat cheese / tomato/ artichoke/ roast peppers / avocado $8

Cuban Rueben – Pumpernickel bread / gruyere cheese/ mustard / pickles / pulled pork / house made kraut $7

Tuna Melt – Wheat/Homemade tuna salad/cucumbers/ grapes/ muenster cheese $8

Monthly Market – a rotating monthly special featuring micro seasonal produce and highlighting small farm artisan cheese makers from across America $7- 9

Yours - any bread, any cheese – $4
Add meat or avocado – $2 each
Add veg or spread- $1 each

Can't wait to try it…..

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  1. You can wait to try it ?????

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    1. Awesome!!!! Walking distance!!!!

      1. They will also offer salads and desserts:
        (Add chicken $3, tuna salad $5, bacon $1)

        The Rocket: arugula/ cherry tomato / red onion / lemon vinaigrette/ cheddar cheese croutons $7

        Beet It: baby spinach / roast beets / balsamic vinaigrette / goat cheese croutons $8

        Green and Blue: kale salad / candied nuts / sliced apples / blue cheese croutons $8
        Tomato basil soup
        bowl $3 cup $2 dip $1

        French fries w / garlic lemon aioli $3

        Latke bites w/ apple crème fraiche $3
        The Elvis : white bread / banana / peanut butter / goat cheese $4
        Add bacon: $1

        Smores: classically prepared $3

        Throwback apple pie $4

          1. The Cuban Reuben sounds fantastic. I hope the sauerkraut is fresh and vinegar-free.

            1. This place is on the way home from my mom's, it's a long drive to Long Beach and a woman needs a snack. I'd like to try a Johnny Apple Cheese without the pastrami. Sometimes simple is best.

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                    Nice! I noticed on the NBC Today show this morning that today is national grilled cheese day, FWIW. Grilled swiss on rye for lunch later today! And this afternoon I'm expecting a FedEx delivery of 5 lbs. of cheeses from Hooks's in Wisconsin! Christmas in April!

                    1. re: Veggo

                      it's also grilled cheese fest tmr.

                      1. re: ns1

                        give me a grilled cheese on shakedown street and i'm a happy man

                  2. Is that where the Foundry is/was?

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                            Sorry there were 5 more but the site is not working will try again..

                                1. re: wienermobile

                                  It will only let me load one at a time:

                                      1. re: wienermobile

                                        Especially during the holiday season.

                                2. re: wienermobile

                                  Teasing hounds with visions of food porn dancing in their heads...vicious, cruel and unusual punishment!

                                  ADD: That's more like (lick?) it.

                                    1. re: wienermobile

                                      Information overload.

                                      You may stop now.

                                      But what's the last picture that looks kind of like the proverbial Hot Pocket or rather a turnover ???????

                                        1. re: wienermobile

                                          Is this their version of a McD's apple pie ???????????

                          2. Stopped in today. I have to say it was pretty damn tasty. Got the Johnny Apple Cheese and the Latke bites. Both were great. If I had a tiny tiny complaint it would be that they could add a tiny more pastrami but seriously it was damn tasty and I was stuffed. Very balanced sandwich and those latke balls are dangerously good, like crispier latkes.

                            Next time I might try making a custom grilled cheese.

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                            1. re: A5 KOBE

                              You're right; it does look skimpy but I'll bet they charge as much as Brent's would for a sky-hi pastrami sandwich.

                              1. re: mucho gordo

                                Not having to drive to northridge: priceless

                                1. re: ns1

                                  Good point. and, vice-versa if you live in the valley.

                                2. re: mucho gordo

                                  Isn't it only $7 for the sandwich? That thing would be $17 at Langer's.

                                  1. re: jdwdeville

                                    True but, at Langer's or Brent's, you'd have 3x the amount of meat on it.

                                3. re: A5 KOBE

                                  I loved the latkes as always but I thought the Johnny Apple Cheese was very fatty; mostly fat, not nearly enough pastrami. Honestly, the cheese and mustard combination was quite awesome. I might ask for Johnny Apple Cheese, hold the meat next time.

                                  I wished I had gotten the Cuban Reuben. My dining companion did and I kept gazing in his direction. Other two in my party got the classic short rib (Champ). I historically have liked that one too other than the nuts in the bread (not usually a fan of nut bread).

                                  However, the service at the Melrose Umbrella Company was appalling. Not only is a $28 Lagavulin pour very tiny, but they tried to charge us $30 because it was "neat", not on rocks. Have you ever heard of such a thing? I thought my SO was going to blow a gasket. We used to be regulars at Foundry...

                                  1. re: OutshinedLA

                                    The pastrami I had was pretty meaty. I did find the sandwich greasy, but in a good way. haha

                                      1. re: mucho gordo

                                        Especially fatty pastrami and brisket!

                                        1. re: Veggo

                                          I had some food delivered from Lenny's Deli a few days ago. I got the "Emmy" sandwich, which is 1/2 pastrami and 1/2 corned beef with Swiss cheese and Russian dressing on rye. By the time the sandwich arrived everything had "melded" together like a Vulcan mind deal...it was spectacularly greasy, a little moist and just about slid down my throat like it was going home to Valhalla...I think I moaned with pleasure at least 3 or 4 times as I consumed it.

                                            1. re: Servorg

                                              Did you have to tell them not to trim the fat? IIRC, Mort's Deli keeps 2 pastramis on hand; one trimmed and one fatty and you need to specify which one you want.

                                              1. re: mucho gordo

                                                Morts Deli ?????

                                                There's still a Morts in LA ???????

                                                1. re: kevin

                                                  Tarzana, next door to Bea's Bakery and across the street from the hospital.

                                              2. re: Servorg

                                                Sevrog, your description is absolutely disgusting.

                                                1. re: kevin

                                                  "Sevrog, your description is absolutely disgusting."

                                                  As opposed to that wonderful Oki Dog http://biggestmenu.com/rdr/CA/Los-Ang... you mean? lol...