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Apr 7, 2014 03:23 PM

Interesting concept

but i do have to say if cash is dirty (i.e. shit stains, etc.), then credit cards can have shit stains, etc in the same manner.

am i missing something here ???????????

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  1. Sounds like the owner is looking for a way to guarantee failure. (No competition in the work place? Seriously?) Not only is he accruing ridiculous expense with his "plates sealed in plastic after they are washed" but not accepting cash strikes me as pretentious, not sanitary and isn't cash "legal tender", meaning it must be accepted as remuneration? Jeez.

    And no tipping? The staff is gonna hump working only for their hourly? He must mean the staff grouped in a corner, ignoring me while I'm trying to get my bill because, "hey, it's not like he's gonna tip us or anything." No thanks.

    Wonder what it's like on the planet he's living on.