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Apr 7, 2014 02:54 PM

Best deals in Chicago 2014?

Hello all, i'm visiting this weekend and on a budget for the majority of my meals with a splurge here and there.

Could CH please recommend any "deals" around chicago that are good bangs for the buck. So far I've seen the pre-theater menu at everest (while not cheap it does seem like a great deal for the quality).


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  1. Well, there are deals, and there are places that provide great value. I suspect you're looking for both.

    Three of my favorite places in Chicago are Sable, Anteprima, and Deleece, and all are moderately priced

    I'm not aware of any "deals" at Sable, but I've ordered three of their half portion sizes and found that I get an incredibly wonderful dinner that way for under $30.

    Anteprima's "deal" consists of almost any three courses on the menu for $29, Sundays through Thursdays. But on the weekends, the same three courses might cost you $35-40, so it's still quite affordable even without the "deal".

    Similarly, Deleece is also normally quite affordable, with dinner entrees around $20. They have a "deal" on Mondays and Tuesdays; for $25, you get three courses, with 2-3 choices for each course. If you get on their e-mail mailing list, they will send you the prix fixe specials each week.